The Yellowstone Conundrum (Is This It? Book 1)

The Yellowstone Conundrum (Is This It? Book 1)

Language: English

Pages: 628


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Yellowstone Caldera, the most dangerous hot-spot on the surface of the earth, erupts with a series of 11.2 earthquakes and spews volcanic ash high into the atmosphere. Six hundred miles away a 9.45 quake under Puget Sound causes massive destruction to Seattle as a tsunami strikes and destroys most of the waterfront.

The Fort Peck Dam in Montana on the Missouri River fails as does the Jackson Dam on the Snake River. The power grid in the Western United States quickly disintegrates, with utility companies fending for themselves. Power outages reach the East Coast.

The Yellowstone Conundrum is a page-turning novel with readers following eight characters as they scramble out of harm's way on Day One; everyday people put into extraordinary situations, with the President of the United States and his cabinet scrambling in the background to find how to escape from lose-lose scenarios.

The Columbia Generating Plant on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation suffers great damage and begins a meltdown. Bridges in Portland collapse. Infrastructure in the NW is severely damaged and thousands are killed; Salt Lake City, Boise, Denver and every city, town and village in the Pacific Northwest are affected.

The massive Death Cloud from the Yellowstone explosion sends volcanic ash into the jet stream, which then begins to carry the heavy ash south across Wyoming, over Denver until it catches up with a low pressure system advancing across Texas.

Follow army vet Ray Spaulding as he survives the crash of a WSDOT ferry in the tsunami, then manages to save, then lead a handful of everyday people who rally together to save the Seattle Public Library from destruction by gangs.

University of Washington professor Denny Cain and student Karen Bagley vow to get out of Seattle, only to find themselves in a firefight as the local Seattle gangs attempt to claim the night.

Skier Penny Armstrong fights her inner demons by skiing north toward Billings in an attempt to avoid the Death Cloud.

Long-distance trucker Cameron Hedges is forced to step out of character as he first rescues Betsy Jamison, then convinces an entire town to move out of harm's way.

Robert and Nancy O'Brien, both up-and-coming managers within the Department of the Interior are separated by their jobs, then by the earthquake and explosion.

The President of the United States must deal with his own Kobayoshi Maru, with a series of impossible lose-lose scenarios as the power grid in the United States collapses.

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northwestern Idaho, soon to race over the Rockies. “What was that?” the President exclaimed. East of Yakima, Washington Tears drained down from Andy Everett’s eyes; he was crying so hard he could hardly see the road ahead; state highway 24 cut through scenic rolling, barren hillsides between Hanford and Yakima; so, he pulled over. Ahead was Yakima, the wine-growing capital of Washington State; the 8th most populated city in the state; a valley where 75% of the hops used in making

partially or mostly right; too much government, too much duplication of service; the problem is, none of it actually worked, elephants or donkeys. “So, if I’m in Jackson, Wyoming at this moment,” the President concluded. “Which has no electricity and no telephone service,” he paused, his brain flipping through the times he’d been there. Jackson was the home of expensive motels and fantastic views of the Teton Range. The city square had an entrance gate constructed from elk antlers. The bars were

interior, or fiery side. Of course, there was nothing left of either gender’s bathrooms because of the heat. Flames spit into the morning sky. Southbound from the rift, ash and molten rock shot high into the air. The surrounding forest was ablaze, even though snow-shrouded. Animals of all kind ran for their very lives away from the flames. Above, birds scattered and squawked in all directions away from the rift. The timing of the earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest was so quirky that one

was the replacement, referred to as the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Waterfront Replacement Project. Unfortunately, the bore tunnel was now completely flooded because of the tsunami. The drizzle, the eerie lack of light; only a dim morning glow, like an 18w bulb trying to light up a carwash; and the sounds; sweet Jesus, the sounds; above unseen helicopters, police and national guard, their spotlights crisscrossing the sky, all made the experience like feel like Terminator on Drugs. You have to start

the bar had been shattered; only a W-shaped wedge of very sharp glass remained. The rest had come down probably in a single fell swoop, taking the front line of bourbons and scotches with them. Entering the bar, one was immediately confronted with a u-shaped padded bar with dated high-style chairs. To the right were the quiet seats, to the left the small dance floor, dirty with eons of dust, peanut shells, spilled drinks and stuff you just don’t want to know about. Penny took two steps back and

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