The House of Power (Atherton, Book 1) (No. 1)

The House of Power (Atherton, Book 1) (No. 1)

Patrick Carman

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0316166715

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Edgar, a gifted climber, secretly scales the treacherous walls separating the three worlds of Atherton: the humble grove that is his home...a mysterious highland realm of untold beauty and sinister secrets ...and a vast wasteland below, where a monstrous danger lurks that could destroy them all.

While searching the forbidden cliffs for a treasure lost in his faded memory, Edgar discovers the first of many startling revelations to come: the three realms are beginning to collapse, turning his entire world inside out. Atherton is not what it seems, but something far more dangerous, with a history locked inside the mind of a madman and a future beyond Edgar's wildest imagining.

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sure he could trust this boy of the Highlands. The two had been trained to dislike one another, even though they’d never had the occasion to meet until now. “Why have you come here?” asked Samuel. There was no accusation in his voice, only genuine curiosity. Now that he was sitting down after hours of rigorous climbing, Edgar realized how tired and hungry he was. It was almost impossible to imagine that soon he would have to go back down, and he didn’t know when he would be able to return. “I

excitement ran through him. This would be Edgar’s first exploration in Tabletop away from the grove. “Do you need any black figs?” asked Isabel. “I’ve got some.” Edgar shook his head, for he already had two of his own. He was in the habit of traveling light. “I could make you one of these little bags that tie around your waist. Mine holds ten black figs. You could bury the bag like I do and only take it out when you need it.” Edgar had to admit it seemed like a good idea for the future,

the grove, from Mr. Ratikan, and I am certain you will want to hear of it.” Lord Phineus put his hand up as if he wanted Sir Emerik to stop speaking, but Sir Emerik was not so easily silenced. “Shall we meet you in the chamber, after you’ve had a moment?” Lord Phineus stood aside and invited the men into his room. “There are ears all about the place. One cannot be too careful.” Lord Phineus peered down the hall and seemed to feel that something wasn’t quite right. He sniffed the air as the

Lord Phineus now realized he was approaching the clearing where Mr. Ratikan’s house had been. He had drawn his sword and wanted to use it on someone, anyone on whom he could unleash his rage. He couldn’t possibly run with his lungs so tight, and it would be a long walk back to find his men. He was badly in need of water, and for a moment wished he’d not restricted the supply to Tabletop. “Mr. Ratikan?” It hurt his throat to say the man’s name. “Where are you?” There was no reply, but soon he

Lord Phineus yelled a parting word of instruction to Sir Emerik. “Stay with your men until Sir Philip arrives, then the both of you come see me. We have important matters to discuss.” Lord Phineus felt the full weight of his situation when he heard the gates close behind him. He had hoped for better news from Sir Emerik, and could only assume things had gone the same for Sir Philip. As for Sir Emerik, he was busy with thoughts of his own as his men spread out in front of the gate and talked

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