Witness (Cold War Classics)

Witness (Cold War Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 718

ISBN: 162157296X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

#1 New York Times bestseller for 13 consecutive weeks!

First published in 1952, Witness is the true story of Soviet spies in America and the trial that captivated a nation. Part literary effort, part philosophical treatise, this intriguing autobiography recounts the famous Alger Hiss case and reveals much more. Chambers' worldview and his belief that "man without mysticism is a monster" went on to help make political conservatism a national force.

Regnery History's Cold War Classics edition is the most comprehensive version of Witness ever published, featuring forewords collected from all previous editions, including discussions from luminaries William F. Buckley Jr., Robert D. Novak, Milton Hindus, and Alfred S. Regnery. Witness will appeal to movie audiences looking forward to Steven Spielberg's upcoming blockbuster Cold War movie, Bridge of Spies.

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I answered: “Yes, if necessary.” NIXON: You are that confident? CHAMBERS: I am telling the truth. Hiss’s answer (in part) to the same question asked him nine days later: MR. HISS: Would it seem to you inappropriate for me to say that I would rather have a chance for further consultation before I gave you the answer? Actually, the people I have conferred with so far say that it all depends on who reads, that it shows emotion, not truth, and I am perfectly willing and prepared to

as Mr. Crosley. Now, that is a correct summation, I believe, of your position up to now. MR. HISS: It sounds to me quite correct. MR. MUNDT: And I want to ask you this question, and on this one, Mr. Hiss, you will not have to consult the records, and I certainly hope that you will not have to use the phrase “to the best of my recollection,” which you have used over 75 times thus far before this committee. This one you should be able to say yes or no to. Did you ever dispose of that 1929

known. I can describe that struggle only as I knew it—one single man, seeking to do what was right to the limit of his understanding and strength, upon whom beat a surf of pressures, rumors, warnings, so that to keep my footing in the inevitable backwash of doubts and fears was a daily feat It is possible that not all of the forces that I was then led to believe were working against me were working in unison, or to the same degree or from the same motives that I supposed. It is possible that some

compared with any ability I had to pay it, even assuming that Hiss won the libel suit and that the jury would award him the full sum. But it was impossible for him to collect any judgment from me in any case. For any judgment would have been against me alone. But Pipe Creek Farm, like most property in Car-roll County, is jointly owned by my wife and me, and could not be attached or sold to satisfy any judgment that was not against both of the co-owners. In my future actions in the Hiss Case, the

mother. He was nothing. She was trying to be both father and mother. She dominated through her love, which was genuine, tender and sacrificing, but was dangerous. I felt it around me like coils, interposing between me and reality, coddling my natural weaknesses, to keep the world away from me, but also to keep me away from the world. “My mother does not want me to grow up,” I thought, “because she does not want me to go away from her.” As the life around me had no mind, only activity, my mother

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