With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

Ivo Banac

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ISBN: 0801421861

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Book by Banac, Ivo

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ISBN 0-8014-2186-1 With Stalin against Tito Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism lvO BANAC In 1948, in a series of moves that culminated in the famous Cominfonn Resolution, Stalin struck at the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, provoking the first split in the Communist state system. Commentators have long acknowledged that this event had a decisive impact on the Soviet Union's relations with the Communist movement throughout the world, but little attention has been paid to its significance

46 Divisions lines or specific issue-orienrarions, " 1 Yugoslav Communist factions did not exhibit a succession of shifting phases. They were stable because they expressed the interlaced structure of revolutionary responses to the national question in Yugoslavia. 2 The Communists endeavored to become the leading party among each of Yugoslavia's nationalities-to constitute themselves as the nation, as Marx counseled parenthetically-and hence they necessarily expressed many contradictory

citation see Ranko Konear, " Problem autonomije Vojvodine u kontekstu odluka Drugog zastdaoja AVNOJ-a," in BabiC, ed., A VNOJ, p. 629. According to josip SmodJaka, in the entry o f December 30, 1944, in his unpublished dia ry, even at that late date Tito agreed with SmodJaka (but how unflinchingly?) that the best solution for Vojvodina would be to grant it the status of a federal unit (A VNOJ, p. 629, n. 20). 102 Divisions be a federal unit (republic); (2) no referendum would be held to

thus get his Serb majority. When I woke up at dawn, Mo5a already had a finely drawn map and the starute, in his beautiful handwriting, of the Serb autonomous province in Croatia. He saddled his bay horse and rode off to josip Broz at Petrovac. He returned faster than he went" (Novi prilou, 2:903 ). In 1931 the population of Lika, Kordun, and Banija (minus six coastal communes and the county of Dvor) was 460,083. Of that number, Serbs constiruted 269,098, or 58.5%. 140. Boro Krivokapit, "jovan

of the KPJ CC for Montenegro in October 1948 .78 Soon thereafter Mitrovic was arrested and forcefully urged to confess to having served the Gestapo. In jail-and later at the camp of Goli Otok-he went mad. Zogovic, too, broke with the KPJ. In March 1949 he sent a statement to 75. Milo mir Maric, Deca komunizma (Belgrade, 1987), pp. 22 1-26. 76. The most extreme example of ZogoviC's castigation of " decadent" modernist writers can be found in his " Primjer kako ne treba praviti ' Prim jere

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