Winter Warfare: Red Army Orders and Experiences (Soviet (Russian) Study of War)

Winter Warfare: Red Army Orders and Experiences (Soviet (Russian) Study of War)

Language: English

Pages: 202

ISBN: 0714642371

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Based on German and Soviet military archival material, this book provides an insight into the tactics and planning for combat in a winter climate. It also studies the mechanisms for change in an army during the course of battle.
The first part of the book looks at the tactical pamphlet 'People's Commissar for Defence Order No. 109', as passed by Red Army units on 4 March 1941, which provided regulations for combat in Winter. The second part of the book, using material from the Soviet military archives, reveals Red Army General Staff supplements to the winter regulation.

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reinforce them with machine-guns and individual guns on ski-sled frames. Those gaps not occupied by combat security are monitored by scout troops and patrols. These patrols are established either from the combat security or from existing troop resources located in the main defensive sector. The commander of the security crew determines the order of securing vacant gaps. Security crews warm in field shelters built out of material on hand. If such material is unavailable, relief of exposed troops

men. With closer placement the capacity can be increased even more. Two stoves are set up in the tent. Time required to set up by 10 men is 30 minutes. The Red Army camp tent: (figure 30). Components: two tent protective roofs, one center pole, four corner poles of 1.6 meters in length, four stakes, six tent pegs and four posts of four-and-a-half meters in length. 106 CONSTRUCTION OF FI ELD-DWELLI NG SHELTERS IN WINTER 'l.60 H Q p ., " Q 13 • t .. 0 . , " J ~ 6r04 VI/ H a p" ..,

35): The Finnish-style pyre is composed of two beams of 30-35 centimeters in diameter that rest one on the other on supports five centimeters thick and with deep axe notches made on the inner side. The beams must be installed absolutely dry and be resinous (fir trees are preferable). The main part of the pyre - the open front - gives off even and lasting warmth (up to 24 hours) with little smoke. The pyre is set ablaze with dry brushwood laid under the beams. For even warming of the entire

artillery, and group commanders, did not attain from their combined-arms commanders and staffconcrete leadership, assignment of missions to regimental artillery and mortars, or assistance in moving them forward together with the infantry; measures were taken to provide artillery and its rear area with prepared roads too late, which slowed down the execution of the regrouping of artillery reinforcement regiments, and the supply of ammunition, fuel and food; extremely insufficient daylight was

operations which were conducted. 188 INDEX airborne, 45 air defense, 37, 47 air force, 23-4 ,46,50,52,54,55,126, 129, 130, 133 ant i-tank defense, 39-40, 47,53 ,58, 136-7,144,145 armies, German : Sixth, 14 armies , Soviet: Third, 132, 149, 153; Fourth, 132, 134, 148, 149, 153, 154, 156,157, 158, 159, 161; Fifth, 147, 174,175 ; Seventh, 168, 169; Eleventh, 168; Forty-third, 147; Fifty-first, 179 artillery, 7, 8,12,20-1,45,46,48,49, 50,51 ,53-4,55 ,58,59,60,64,80, 126,137,142, 144, 149, 157,

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