Tron Legacy: Initiate Sequence (It's Your Call)

Tron Legacy: Initiate Sequence (It's Your Call)

Carla Jablonski

Language: English

Pages: 74

ISBN: 2:00107211

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Initiate Sequence is an It’s Your Call book that lets you decide the action of the story.

Twenty years after Sam's father's disappearance, he gets a message that sends him to his father's arcade and into the world of the Grid, where he must compete in dangerous games in order to find his father.

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revealing a masked driver. “Get in,” the driver growls. The crowd surrounding you is stomping and screaming. They can’t wait to watch you battle Clu in hand-to-hand combat. But who is this driver? And what will happen if you get into that souped-up vehicle? If you decide you’re safer if you stay out of the car, TURN TO PAGE 79. If you decide to take your chances with the masked driver, TURN TO PAGE 18. BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE This will be our first user since our liberation!” Jarvis

games you’ve played before. You stroll through the arcade’s rows. Somehow your desire to play anything is evaporating. The cobwebs, the boarded windows, the general feeling of desolation is getting to you. You’re never going to figure out who sent that page. You might as well head for home. You make your way toward the front door. Suddenly, the skin on the back of your neck tingles. You have the weirdest sensation that you’re not alone. You whip around and—yes! You catch sight of a shadowy

Suddenly Alex dashes in front of you. “I know!” he cries. “I bet the screen is interactive. No buttons to push!” His fingers hover over the screen, and then he circles the area called the Outlands. He presses down. There is a blinding light and then—whoosh! You feel as if all the air is being sucked out of you. Crazy lights swirl around your eyes, and your feet fly out from under you. But you don’t fall—well, not exactly. It feels more like weightless free fall. What is going on? TURN TO PAGE

action. He just wants to leave the status quo intact. Even if the status quo bites. The Portal is going to close soon. You have to make a decision. Do you get out now, leaving your father behind, before the Portal traps you here forever? Or do you stay to convince your father to come with you? You don’t know if you’ll be able to maneuver in this crazy world on your own—and can you really just leave him here after finally finding him? If you go now, TURN TO PAGE 88. If you decide to wait

can’t believe your eyes. Your father. Exactly as he was the day you last saw him. Exactly! He hasn’t aged one bit. How is that possible? “Sam,” your father says, studying you. “Look at you, man.” He grins and laughs. “How’d you get in here?” “I-I got your message and—” “So it’s just you?” your father asks. “Yeah…just me.” You can’t take your eyes off him. So many emotions and questions run through you. You feel as if you’re about to explode or have a meltdown. He seems to be having a similar

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