Tritium Gambit (Max and Miranda Book 1)

Tritium Gambit (Max and Miranda Book 1)

Erik Hyrkas

Language: English

Pages: 238


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Agents Max and Miranda fall tonsil-deep into betrayal.

On their first mission together, Max and Miranda hunt a predatory alien on Earth. Max has survived missions through sheer indestructibility and persistence, but this has cost the lives and limbs of less durable teammates. This time, he is determined to keep his new partner alive. When Max becomes dinner for an alien ruler, Miranda begins doubting her decision to become an agent.

A threat grows with every bite.

Together, Agents Max and Miranda must overcome deceit, conflicting evidence, and evisceration to stop a growing menace on Earth and apprehend a traitor to the Intergalactic Secret Service.

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planet. As long as he didn’t shut down the ship, I could track him. I used medical bandages to hold wires together, eventually hacking the dinghy’s collision avoidance system to tell us where the nearest ship was. “Ready,” I said and jumped out of the cabin. John was holding a stick that he had managed to sharpen with a hunk of metal from the ship. He tucked the metal into his pocket. “Lead on,” he said. The way through the jungle of vines was slow. On my own, I could have traversed the

crashed backward onto the floor. I spun and swept my foot around, knocking over the nearest robot, then leapt toward Tyler. Before I could get to him, a second robot hammered me in the jaw and my vision went blurry. I spit out a tooth as I stumbled back a step. Then a flurry of metal blows struck my head and body. Darkness threatened to take me, but I fought off unconsciousness. I rolled past the nearest robot, sprang to my feet, and landed face to face with Tyler. Before I could be taken down,

looked at the aqueduct again and saw a sparkle of water even from this distance. I was dreadfully thirsty and decided that I would make a quick pit stop before continuing my search. The city was bigger than I first thought, and I had to run through the entire town to reach the point where the aqueduct was still carrying water. Despite being abandoned, I could imagine little porcupines carrying out their days on those paved streets. Maybe there was a grocery store somewhere amongst these

“I know, but what are we supposed to do? Tickle it to death?” Miranda asked. “I have a molecular destabilizer, which should be enough to take down most anything,” Wendy said. “That’s great and all, but what would the rest of us do while you’re taking it down? Be bait?” Miranda asked. “That’s a good idea,” Wendy answered. “No,” I interjected before Miranda punched Wendy in the face. “I’m tired of being bait. Let’s get cleaned up, get our gear, and take this Wendigo as a team. Besides, we

realized that I didn’t see a Falcon II. “Neither, actually.” Wendy gestured to the plane that she had been working on when I arrived at the hangar. “A Cherokee 140.” The vintage was at best 1960s. I fought to find words. “Umm...” The plane’s paint was faded blue and white, and there were small dents across the skin of the wings. The windshield looked like it had a permanent fog etched into it. The tail had 8609E in large bold lettering across the back. Wendy clapped me on the shoulder and

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