Triss: A Tale from Redwall

Triss: A Tale from Redwall

Brian Jacques

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0142402486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Acclaimed fantasy writer Brian Jacques again welcomes readers to the astonishing world of Redwall. 

Enslaved by the evil ferret King Agarno and his daughter, Princess Kurda, the brave squirrelmaid Triss, along with Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog, plans a daring escape by sea. In her flights, Triss happens upon Redwall, and the abbey creatures discover a new hero in her. Someone brave enough to carry the sword of Martin and face the evil that threatens them.

"Scrumptious feasts, rollicking humor, swashbuckling heroes, faithful friends, and treacherous villains magically combine through three intertwined action-packed plots into one unforgettable, spellbinding story." --VOYA

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weeping openly. I felt a lead weight inside my chest. Mental images of the three escapers being dragged in chains from the ship invaded my mind. Then I saw Triss the squirrelmaid. She was holding a magnificent sword. She was actually smiling! The hairs on my rudder still stand up when I think of how she raised that sword and yelled, “Free-dooooooom!” The deck became suddenly alive with warriors. Not vermin, but hares, otters, shrews and a massive young badger holding a battle-axe. Triss swung

getting better as the water ran shallower. With tiny ripplets splashing round their paws, the pair made it onto the firm wet sands. Scarum sat down, badly frightened and shaking. Sagax threw himself next to him, panting heavily as he stared around. “Where’s Kroo . . . Oh, great blood’n’vinegar, look out there!” Kroova was at waist depth, with the shark circling him. The sea otter had hold of something. He tugged it this way and that, sometimes tugging it sharply, which seemed to send the great

bet now is to ’ead west, that’ll take us to the beaches. Then we can travel north ’til we picks up their trail again. They can’t go far wid the sea at their backs.” Kurda leaped forward and slapped Riggan’s paw hard with the flat of her blade. “Den do it, now! Vorto, get der guards moving on der double, follow Riggan. I vill get dose slaves, even if I have to follow dem to de crack of doom!” 27 Crikulus and the Abbot were in Great Hall, cleaning wax out of the candle sconces, when they

The sabre hilt smacked into the slavecatcher’s chin, sending her sprawling. Kurda kicked and berated Riggan. “Idiot! You haff not led me to dem, dey are escaping!” She dashed off up the beach, yelling hoarsely, “Plugg, stop dem, de slaves are makin’ off mitt der boat!” Kurda came storming into the Freebooters’ camp, tripping over the unconscious Tazzin. Slitfang and the others, roused from sleeping around the fire, staggered forward, yawning and scratching. Ripper the searat, no respecter of

shrugged. “Never mind, der vound might get poisoned and kill you, den I be very glad, yarr.” Plugg bared his crooked teeth at the Pure Ferret. “If’n it does, I’ll come back an’ haunt yew, missie!” She stalked off, sniggering to herself. Scummy returned with a beaker that contained a few lumps of pine resin. He placed it on the fire. “This should do the trick, Cap’n. I’ll ’ave ye lookin’ good as new in a tick. Grubbage, you sit on the Cap’n an’ ’old ’im still. This is goin’ to ’urt, Cap’n, ’old

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