Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel: Or, the Hidden City of the Andes (Tom Swift, Book 19)

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel: Or, the Hidden City of the Andes (Tom Swift, Book 19)

Victor Appleton

Language: English

Pages: 98


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel is the 19th book in the original Tom Swift series.

"Every boy possesses some form of inventive genius. Tom Swift is a bright, ingenious boy and his inventions and adventures make the most interesting kind of reading."

"These spirited tales convey in a realistic way, the wonderful advances in land and sea locomotion and other successful inventions. Stories like these are impressed upon the memory and their reading is productive only of good."

This series of adventure novels starring the genius boy inventor Tom Swift falls into the genre of "invention fiction" or "Edisonade".

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Suddenly the silence of the evening was broken by a dull, rumbling sound. "Bless my court plaster!" cried Mr. Damon. "What's that?" "A blast," answered Mr. Titus. "But I never knew them to set off one so late before. I hope nothing is wrong!" And, as he spoke, panic-stricken men began running out of the mouth of the tunnel, while those outside hastened toward them, shouting and calling. Chapter XIII - Tom's Explosive * "Something has happened!" cried Mr. Titus as he ran forward,

Thot's what it is!" enthusiastically exclaimed Tim Sullivan. "Now the black beggars will have some rock to shovel! Come on there, Serato, git yer lazy imps t' work cartin' this stuff away. We've got a man on th' job now in this new powder of Tom Swift's. Git busy!" "Um!" grunted the Indian, and he called to his men who were soon busy with picks and shovels, loading the loosened rock and earth into the mule-hauled dump cars which took it to the mouth of the tunnel, whence it was shunted off on

Tom Swift translating, for Koku spoke English but indifferently well. "Koku says," rendered Torn, "that he saw Lamos trying to put a big charge of powder up in the place where the balanced rock fits in the secret opening of the tunnel roof. The charge was all ready to fire, and if the giant had set it off he might have brought down the roof of the tunnel and so choked it up that we'd have been months cleaning it out. Koku saw him and stopped him, and then the fight began. We only saw the end."

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