Tom Swift Among The Diamond Makers: Or The Secret Of Phantom Mountain

Tom Swift Among The Diamond Makers: Or The Secret Of Phantom Mountain

Language: English

Pages: 228

ISBN: 1479131571

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Published in 1911, this is the adventures of Tom Swift among the diamond makers and Phantom Mountain.

Dust on the Sea (Bluejacket Books)


Callsign: Bishop - Book 1 (An Erik Somers - Chess Team Novella)

Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

The Sacrosancts





















airship to search for Phantom Mountain. "Bless my jewelry box!" exclaimed Mr. Damon, when this formality was over. "Tell me more about it, Tom." Which our hero did, stating the need of maintaining secrecy on account of the danger to Mr. Jenks. Mr. Damon and Mr. Parker both agreed to say nothing about the matter, and then the scientist became much interested in the Red Cloud, which he closely examined. He even complimented Tom on the skill shown in making it, and, contrary to our hero's

before—the man of whom the jeweler was even then in chase. "Why—why—-" stammered Tom. The man knocked again. "Tom—Tom Swift!" he called. "Don't you know me?" "Know you—you?" repeated the lad. "Yes—don't you remember Earthquake Island—how we were nearly killed there—don't you remember Mr. Jenks?" "Mr. Jenks?" Tom was so startled that he could only repeat words after the strange man, who was talking to him from outside the glass door. "Yes, Mr. Jenks," was the reply. "Mr. Barcoe Jenks, who

thing in white, seemingly too tall for any human being, slid slowly forward, with a gliding motion. Then it raised its long, white arms, and waved them threateningly at the adventurers. "It's motioning us to go back," said Mr. Parker in an awed whisper. "It doesn't want us to go any farther." "Very likely," agreed Tom, coolly. "But we're not going to be frightened by anything like that; are we?" "Not much!" exclaimed Mr. Jenks. "I expected this. A ghost can't drive me back from getting my

and the others could see the flashing gems, for, in spite of the fact that the diamonds were uncut, some of them sparkled most brilliantly, due to the peculiar manner in which they were made. "We have the secret of the diamonds!" whispered Mr. Jenks. "There must be a quart of the gems there!" The men gathered about Folwell, uttering exclamations of delight. The diamonds were too hot to handle yet. "That's going some!" exclaimed the chief of the diamond makers. "We have a small fortune here."

The whole side of the cave where the switches were was a mass of bluish flame. Then came a ripping, tearing sound, and a tangle of wires and copper connections were thrown to the floor. At the same time the steel box, containing the materials from which diamonds were made, turned blue, and flames shot from it. "It's all up with us!" cried Munson. "Run for it, everybody! The wires are down, and this place will be an electric furnace in another minute!" He leaped toward the exit from the cave.

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