To the Indies

To the Indies

C. S. Forester

Language: English

Pages: 207


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

To The Indies is the story of Don Narciso Rich, a lawyer for Their Highnesses of Spain, who is sent on an ocean voyage with Admiral Cristo Columbus himself for further search for the treasures of the Indies and renewed government supervision of the original colonies. He survives not only physical exhaustion and near starvation, but also mental and emotional torture as he watches the horrific treatment of the island natives by the Spanish. His faith and beliefs are challenged as the journey twists and turns, with his discovery of the Orinoco River and the South American continent, which still must be an island near Siam. The greedy conquistadors stop at nothing as they conquer new lands; taking plunder such as gold and pearls, assaulting women, and making slaves of the natives. They find new and exciting food sources as well as wild animals such as the caiman. During these adventures, Narciso discovers that he is stronger and more capable than he ever imagined. He survives kidnapping and being shipwrecked during a hurricane and lives to tell his story.

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explanations as he stood with an arm round her shoulders. As she pointed, two figures came into sight, blinking a little sheepishly in the firelight, João de Setubal and Diego Moret. They saw the others on their feet, and they felt the tension, and they were self-conscious with every eye on them. “What is this?” asked Rich. Every word was a torment to utter. “I found the girl first,” said Moret, sullenly. “You found her first? You found her?” protested Setubal in his slobbering

thing, crossing himself and breathing hard. Then the leg moved and the thing dropped off the foot to the ground with a flutter of wings; it made towards them. There was something vile about it and they all three flinched back. The wings fluttered again in the short undergrowth; it was trying to fly and yet was unable to rise, and its course brought it close to Rich. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, which he had grasped instinctively at the first alarm, and he whirled the sheathed weapon and

roller lifted her. “Who are you?” he said. “What service have you seen?” They answered him in Catalan, like sweet music after the harsh Castilian. They were fishermen from Villanueva, pressed the year before for service on the Ocean. They could reef and steer, and had spent their lives at sea. “One of you must be boatswain,” said Rich. “Which is it to be?” Fortunately there seemed to be no doubt about that. Three thumbs were pointed at once to the fourth man, the blue-eyed and

knees and looked round the ravine, but he collapsed again on his face. It was not until the day after, that the feeble urge of life within him caused him to pull himself to his feet and stand swaying, while every tiny part of him protested fiercely against the effort. He was like a man flayed alive. He had hardly an atom of skin left upon him — his only clothes were his shoes and his leather breeches — and in addition to his innumerable deep bruises he had several serious cuts, caked now with

at the thought of the damnation of his soul, and clung to the yard in front of him, a little sick. The soldiers beside him were joking coarsely — their words came faintly to his ears as if from another room — about the naked women who were, they hoped, looking out at the ship from the island and awaiting their arrival. He tried to shake off his depression as he set himself to descend the shrouds. As his feet touched the deck he found himself face to face with Rodrigo Acevedo, the elder of the

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