Thomas and the Castle (Thomas & Friends)

Thomas and the Castle (Thomas & Friends)

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0375813934

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Percy has been telling ghost stories about Rolf’s Castle, the old ruin near one of the main lines. Thomas doesn’t want to believe in ghosts, but when odd things keep happening, he gets nervous. But on an important, special run, Thomas starts to figure out that mysterious happenings usually have reasonable explanations.

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Topham Hatt needed an engine to pull a Special right to Rolf’s Castle, Thomas volunteered. He wanted to be a Really Useful Engine. As Thomas started off for the castle, night was falling and fog was rolling in. Thomas was very afraid, but he chugged on bravely. Ahead in the fog, he saw an eerie glow. It’s a ghost! he thought. Just like the one James saw. But as Thomas came up the hill, a brisk wind blew and the fog cleared. Thomas saw that there was no ghost at all. It was just the fog man with

his lantern. Thomas realized that James hadn’t seen a ghost after all. Just lanterns in the fog. But what were lanterns doing in an abandoned castle? Although the fog had blown away, the moon was still behind the clouds. When Thomas saw something white fluttering up ahead, he was sure it was the ghost this time! “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared,” he huffed to himself. Thomas chugged bravely on and realized that the fluttering white thing was … curtains! Well, bust my boiler, Thomas thought.

Maybe the ghosts Bill and Ben saw were just curtains. What is going on here? It was all a mystery. When Thomas approached the signal near the castle, it was flashing red, then green, then red again. “That’s funny,” said Thomas to the signalman. “Bill and Ben were having problems with this same signal the other night.” But Thomas wasn’t scared anymore. He thought he might have an idea what was going on at the castle. He asked the signalman, “Are there people moving into the castle?” “No, but

your guess is close,” said the signalman. “They are restoring the castle. And the electrical work they are doing has been causing my signal to go haywire. But, Thomas, you’d better move on … they’re expecting that load you’re pulling.” When Thomas finally arrived at Rolf’s Castle, Sir Topham Hatt was there, getting ready for a big party to celebrate the reopening of the castle! Thomas was relieved that there was nothing to be scared of after all. He was also proud to have figured out the

cleared, Percy was a ghostly white. “Whew,” said his driver. “I’m glad no one was hurt, Percy. But you look like a ghost. Let’s go get you a washdown.” “Let me stay this way,” said Percy. “I think I know someone who deserves a good scare!” On the way home, Percy came upon Toby and convinced him to help scare Thomas. Toby pulled into the yard first and told Thomas, “Percy’s had an accident!” Just then, ghostly Percy rolled up, making an awful moaning and clanking sound. Thomas was so scared, he

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