The Words of War: The Civil War Battle Reportage Of The New York Times and The Charleston Mercury...and What Historians Say Really Happened

The Words of War: The Civil War Battle Reportage Of The New York Times and The Charleston Mercury...and What Historians Say Really Happened

Donagh Bracken

Language: English

Pages: 262

ISBN: 2:00171017

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the media, political perspective often alters the view of reality. The Words of War illustrates this by placing in juxtaposition the reportage of The New York Times and The Charleston Mercury's coverage of eighteen battles from Fort Sumter to Appomattox Court House. Following each battle's coverage is a synopsis of each battle as the modern historian looks back at it.Setting up each battle's coverage is a commentary by the author in which he provides interesting background information on some of the individuals participating in the action.Sketches by war artists sent by Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated Magazine lend visual color to each battle's coverage.The Words of War contains an index and bibliography.

Army of the Potomac (Men-at-Arms, Volume 38)

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during the entire day, and was again renewed on Monday morning, and continued undecided until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, when the enemy commenced their retreat and are still flying toward Corinth, pursued by a large force of our cavalry. The slaughter on both sides is immense. The fight was brought on by a body of three hundred of the Twenty-fifth Missouri Regiment, of Gen. Prentiss’ Division, attacking the advance guard of the rebels, which were supposed to be the pickets of the enemy in front

will not be permitted. The principal stores have each a strong guard to protect the small stock of goods left behind in the flight of their proprietors. Not over twenty houses, all told, have been burned, and the total damage to the place, by the bombardment and flames, I estimate at not over two hundred thousand dollars. The few dead who were shot in the streets, have been buried, necessarily in the town, near where they fell. Considering all the terrible circumstances of provocation, the

was accepted, the drinking bout began, and so did the legerdemain of the two competitors, who apparently were less concerned about drinking than about beating the competition to press. Wilkie’s assistant awoke the next day in the care of the chambermaid. The New York Times, instead of having a first-hand report of the surrender at Vicksburg, was forced to run stories of the celebrations in such cities as Philadelphia, Boston, and Syracuse, New York. July 4, 1863 – From the Charleston Mercury

defended. Breckenridge’s men were placed in the fore-front to receive the baptism of fire, but behind these lay the veterans of Hill’s corps, and it is these we now see dashing forward to retrieve the honors we had snatched. Barlow’s brigades – stout hearts not used to pale before the greatest odds – could have held their own under conditions the least short of desperation, but the situation in which they now found themselves overleaped its limits: It was not merely the overwhelming front that

night the enemy made a heavy demonstration on our centre, with the apparent object of forcing our lines, and to gain a certain advantage of position which would make their operations much more effective. They were repulsed by Gen. Cheathamcorps. The enemy suffered disastrously during the hour that they fought against the impenetrable lines held by that veteran General and his invincible soldiers. After discovering the futility of their operations, Sherman resumed his former position and

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