The Wealth of Kings

The Wealth of Kings

Sam Ferguson

Language: English

Pages: 189

ISBN: 1943183163

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Al has returned to his home in Roegudok Hall after his adventures with Erik and Master Lepkin finished. As any new king should, Al is quick to organize his kingdom and fill vacancies left in the royal court in the aftermath of the many battles the dwarves were pulled into.

Looking for greater wisdom, he turns to his father's library. He soon stumbles upon a dark secret that dwells in the depths of the mountain. Al's search for the Wealth of Kings, may prove to be his finest hour... or it might consume all who live within Roegudok Hall and unleash a terrible evil that was lost and buried during the time of the Ancients.

Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, Volume 1

South with the Sun: Roald Amundsen, His Polar Explorations, and the Quest for Discovery

Colm & the Lazarus Key (Colm, Book 1)
















to find Borgnat. He drove in behind a trio of dwarves that formed a wedge for him. They split the army’s flank open and drove their weapons into any orc foolish enough to square off against them. The dwarves used their momentum to push the orc army out to the side as they cut them down, mercilessly punishing them for their trespass. The cavedogs all fought as violently as the dwarves. Even when a dwarf warrior fell by the enemy, the cavedog would fight on until it too was slain. Had this been an

he indicated the bottles. Without waiting for a response, Alferug went to work shaving off an amount of soap from the cube and then grinding it into a powder inside the stone bowl. Next, he poured precise amounts of each liquid into the bowl and mixed thoroughly. Al covered his nose and took a step back. He never did care for the smell of ammonia. Mixed with the other items, it was even worse. Alferug then took a brush and held his breath as he dipped it into the mixture and then lightly

to. I defend humans who are too weak to defend themselves from the orcs that invade from the south. I have sent men to die in the mines, when we have more than plenty lining our pockets. What is this greed that drives you to waste the sons of the mountain?” Tu’luh moved lightning fast. His snout stopped inches in front of Sylus’ face and his hot, fetid breath washed over Sylus. The king stiffened, but he did not shrink away. The dragon snarled, curling his scaled lip up to reveal long, wickedly

his heart. The dwarf convulsed twice and then went still. Al rose from his brother’s corpse and then left his room. If Threnton had gained access through the library, then maybe it was still open. Al would find out now if it was, and then afterward he would allow himself to mourn Alferug. The dwarf king took his hammer in hand and made his way down the hall to the large mirror on the wall. As he hoped, he found it slightly ajar, propped open by a book. Al yanked the door open and hurried

explosions. The warriors swept the small chamber and found a lava tube. Moments later, explosives engineers were preparing to collapse the lava tube. Soon, a loud, terrible explosion rocked the mine as the lava tube was blocked up by a pile of broken hunks of stone. “Any losses?” Al asked. Benbo shook his head. “When we saw the hole in the wall we sent up the alarm. The miners ran and the soldiers rushed in. The lurkers never knew what hit them.” “Your training over the last several weeks has

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