The Universe Wide Web 1. Getting Started

The Universe Wide Web 1. Getting Started

Simon J Morley

Language: English

Pages: 168

ISBN: 0957523459

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A sci-fi adventure about a young boy, Jack Smart, who stumbles upon the universal wide web, an intergalactic internet where creatures from all over the universe go to meet to talk, share, trade and play, and to travel instantly anywhere in the universe.

Jack discovers that his deceased father, an astro-physicist, was not only the first Earth based user of the Universe Wide Web, but also worked on its technology design, and held the security code that is at its core. This code holds the key to controlling it. But the code brings with it danger from many unscrupulous creatures trying to steal it. Jack is drawn into a series of adventures and dangers as creatures try to discover whether he knows what his father knew. His life is in danger; the uniweb is under threat. Who can Jack trust? Can he survive?

Angels of Vengeance (Book 3 in The Disappearance Series)

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, Book 3)























As he watched the creatures, including the dead one and all the blood too, turned fuzzy, just like the soldier avatars in Who’s-Talking had, and disappeared, leaving the flowers intact and bloodstain free. He went over to where the dead creature had laid. There was nothing at all. He shook his head slowly, perplexed, and exhausted by the experience. He turned, looked around briefly once more, across the silent, familiar blue flower field, and stepped back through the portal, emerging in the lab

mostly hidden from their sight, but occasionally a flash of his red head or wing would show, usually followed by some fierce exchange of shots, and then his voice would come over the uni-comm, “Yes, three more down.” There was a path up the hillside to the tower; Jack assumed they were heading for that. Game-Seer read his mind. “No good taking the path, too well guarded,” he said. We'll fly up to the higher path on this side. Further along the valley you're going to have to shimmy up the cliff,

Stella, Jack would be walking into a trap. Then again, if he didn't have her, why would Jack waste time going to see him. Jack knew he had no choice but to accept Metallic’s invitation, despite his reservations. He focused on the link Metallic had sent, and a portal opened. He made sure he had the gemstone he’d found in Stella’s room with him, and stepped through the portal. He coughed as he stepped out from the portal. There was a strong odour of stale milk in the air, and this caught him in

somewhere you exist, just as you do here, just as we, and every sun, every planet, every rock, every atom of the universe exists both here and in there. I didn't choose the web name Duality for nothing. This has been my life's work.” Duality said, with a tone more of duty than pride. Jack didn’t speak; he just stared at the beautiful sight. “Do you see everywhere there are minute blue flashes? They are portals being opened and closed. This is how we control the uniweb. It operates within the

planets. What do you want?” “We want back something you've taken,” Breeze-Surfer said, standing his ground. From over the other side of the room the rasping voice of Click-Through suddenly broke in. “Something or someone?” They turned toward the voice, the shadow in the gloom. “Who are you?” Breeze-Surfer demanded boldly. “Never you mind. What do you want?” Click-Through sounded as mean as when Jack had first met her. Jack spoke quietly to Breeze-Surfer, “It's Click-Through.” Click-Through

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