The Tomb of the Gods (Matt Drake Book 4)

The Tomb of the Gods (Matt Drake Book 4)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 272


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 4 in the Matt Drake series.


Recommended for those who love an escapist action adventure.


Praise for 'The Bones of Odin' - a UK #1 Bestseller


"Bond meets The Da Vinci Code but with higher stakes!"

"If you like Andy McDermott or Matthew Reilly, get this book."

‘Either heroes will rise to save the world or villains will end it...’

In the epic conclusion of the initial 4 part series Matt Drake races against time to prevent Odin’s horrifying doomsday device from being unleashed upon the world.

From the destruction of an LA skyscraper to a desperate battle on board a Swiss train, from a crazy car chase through Hollywood to a covert assault on a secret SAS base, Matt Drake and his team ignite a blazing trail of destruction as they chase madmen and traitors across the globe.

On a furious, action-packed battlefield, alongside soldiers ready to fight and die for their cause, Matt Drake and his entire team stand as one and charge fearlessly into the jaws of death.

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entourage of bodyguards could accompany them, no questions asked. Hayden was optimistic. “Maybe Cayman isn’t such a bad guy after all,” she had said. They were all working on the location of the third tomb of the gods, but the map was beyond ancient, slightly eroded, and in need of translation. She thought that a full-disclosure chat with Cayman would further their joint goals faster than a hundred academics. Drake was torn between wanting to meet Cayman, the man they were sure was tied to

huge green Starbucks logo as she leapt through the door. The craving for a double-strong Caramel Macchiato hit her like a bullet, but at that moment, there was the sound of the doors locking and the engine’s note strengthening. They were on their way. Dahl spoke up immediately. “We have one hour,” he said, “to find the pieces and stop them reaching Singen. Let’s move.” Hayden stepped up. She led the way through the first carriage and then, as if in odd answer to her prayers, the Starbucks logo

patriot,” Drake said. “A true English patriot. It would have taken a lot of convincing for him to betray his country.” “I don’t believe he thought he was betraying his country,” Mai said now as she read on. “There’s something else.” CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO Hayden pushed through into the blacked-out carriage, smiling as a dozen suspicious glances nailed her. But then she saw the true power of the Starbucks logo as every one of those stern-faced bad guys sat back and relaxed upon seeing her,

said.” “Your man.” Gates was clearly thinking hard. “He could translate all this stuff and give us the heads up before Cayman’s guys?” “He is capable of that, sir.” “Excellent.” Gates nodded. “Then we may have an ace in the hole.” “We may have more than one.” Dahl smiled. “I bring more than one gift. I am Swedish, after all. This”—he pulled out a cell phone and clicked a few buttons—“is a photograph of the map I found in the tomb of the gods.” He glanced at Hayden. “Is Ben still helping you?”

vision. “Freaks,” Hayden muttered as she came up alongside Drake, the ever-present Kinimaka looking concerned at her side. “Drake, I’m not buying this. Those guys out there—they’re amateurs. And we’re being told that they found and massacred the Shadow Elite?” Drake looked back at Dahl. “Stay with them, please. We need to know what happened here.” Dahl nodded. Drake moved carefully out of the house and into the crisp, cold night. His SAS pals shadowed Mai and Alicia as they skirted the high

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