The Tale of Troy: Retold from the Ancient Authors (Puffin Classics)

The Tale of Troy: Retold from the Ancient Authors (Puffin Classics)

Roger Lancelyn Green

Language: English

Pages: 210

ISBN: 0140367454

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book tells the story of Helen and the judgement of Paris, of the gathering Heroes and the seige of Troy; of Achilles and his vulnerable heel, reared by the Centaur on wild honey and the marrow of lions; of Odysseus, the last of the Heroes, his plan for the wooden Horse and his many adventures on his long journey home to Greece.

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Then Hector led another charge, but Diomedes took good aim with his mighty spear and struck him on the helmet. The spear did not pierce it, but so heavy was the blow that Hector fell stunned to the earth, and was carried out of the battle in his chariot. Diomedes was shot through the foot by Paris shortly after, so he was also out of the battle, leaving Odysseus to rally the front ranks. Long he fought there and slew many Trojans, but at last a spear pierced his shield and bit deep into his

Achilles had a second spear and caught him on the point of it as he rushed against him. Hector fell in the dust, and Achilles cried: ‘Slayer of Patroclus, dogs and birds shall tear your flesh as you lie unburied!’ ‘Do not do this great shame!’ gasped Hector. ‘Take the store of gold my father will offer you, and let my body be burnt in Troy!’ ‘Hound, even if Priam offered me your weight in gold, I doubt if it would save your corpse from the dogs!’ shouted vengeful Achilles. ‘Remember me in the

cord to his breast, the great bow arched, the terrible point peeped out over the hand which held the curving wood. Loud sang the string as the death-hissing shaft sped on its way – and it missed not, though death was not yet, and the point did but graze the white wrist of Paris. Once again the avenger drew the bow and a barbed shaft screamed on its way, and this time buried itself in Paris's side. Then Paris turned and fled into Troy, and night came down to cover the city and the plain. All

over him and tried to prevent it by hiding him. She dressed him as a girl and sent him to the island of Scyros where Lycomedes was king. There Achilles was hidden among the other maidens who attended on the little princess Deidamia, and indeed he himself almost believed after a time that he was really a girl called Pyrrha. Thetis did this when the great war between Greece and Troy was about to begin: for she knew that if Achilles went to Troy he would never return. The beginning of that war

Ida. There Aeneas was born, and Aphrodite warned Anchises that he would be punished if ever he boasted of his Immortal bride: but boast he did, one day when he had feasted over-merrily, and on the instant a flash of fire struck him to the ground. Yet, for the sake of Aeneas, and also for his own virtues, Aphrodite spared his life: but he went lame from that day. When the ships were built, Paris sailed joyously forth over the dancing waves, though Cassandra prophesied of ills to come, and Oenone

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