The Struggle for Tennessee: Tupelo to Stones River (Civil War (Time-Life Books))

The Struggle for Tennessee: Tupelo to Stones River (Civil War (Time-Life Books))

James Street

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0809447606

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beautifully bound and illustrated volume on the Civil War featuring The Struggle for Tennessee, Tupelo to Stones River.

Morgan's Great Raid: The Remarkable Expedition from Kentucky to Ohio

















him in an advance to the banks of the Ohio. Smith did not explain what they were going to do when they got there; but Bragg, astonishingly, swallowed the idea. Richmond than high bluffs of the Kentucky River would Richmond was based on poor timDuring the night, Brigadier General Mahlon D. Manson, commanding the Federal infantry at Richmond, sent a courier to across the tains to distract Buell's Federals Humphrey assembled in Louisville a few Still behaving like a subordinate, he

impossible The spirit of the rebellion," he complained in a long account of his problems on October 22, 80 ful that time, Buell's timidity the Federal generals. burly, six-foot-tall Rosecrans — not change the fact that the men, having marched more than 700 miles, had outdistanced their supplies. The problems that had undone Buell remained to be solved. army toward Nashville, and Rosecrans did not change those orders. But the relocation to Nashville Buell had already started the did

for a to Murfreesboro, the night of December 29 had Lavergne, seven miles northwest of Jeffer- been a miserable one. The troops tried with son, and spied a rich little At noon, Wheeler's troopers rode up prize — McCook's sup- ply train of 300 wagons. In three columns, success to sleep, shivering in their wet clothes. They lines of December 1862. in the lines near the Confederate horsemen stormed down on the wagons; the astonished Federals could offer only token resistance, train

the ordered a he brought up a battery of artillery halt while their slope. Then march line of infan- the Confeder- across the field and As the distance between the opposing troops narrowed, an eerie silence gun crews ceased fire for fear of hittheir own men, and the infantrymen the fell; ting were holding their The Kl 4 p.m. on January 2, Major Gener- John Breckinridge's reinforced Confederate division attacked the ? ederal brigades holding a ridge east )f Stones River and

dawn on January 3. The armies were more or less in the same positions; the weather was still ammuni- and supply wagons south toward Shelbyville and Manchester. Polk was ordered at all withdrawal tion Tennessee (mistakenly identias the 25th Tennessee in this smporary lithograph). Polk sent Hardee copies of my During the afternoon of khelm a Confederate battery capture the battle flag of the every hazard." in to low in the morning and march to Tullaleft 1,700 serious- wounded and

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