The Snake Who Wanted to Be a Horse: A Wantstobe Book

The Snake Who Wanted to Be a Horse: A Wantstobe Book

Valerie Harmon, Carol Stevens

Language: English

Pages: 40

ISBN: 1500279315

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Snake has a tender belly. When he sees Horse galloping by, he decides his solution is to become a horse. This idea sends him on a quest of difficulty and a surprising new friendship as Horse teaches Snake how to become like him. Snake accepts every challenge and funny mishaps occur as he strives to reach his goal. While many children's books follow the theme "Be Content With Who You Are," the Wantstobe collection focuses on how "Accomplishing Hard Things Is Worth It." Using imaginative metaphor, this book reveals the changes that occur when tough obstacles are overcome to reach a goal. But most children don't think about the metaphor, they just enjoy the story, make up their own impossible animals, and view hard work and goal setting more positively. This book is the first in the Wantstobe series. Although each book is unique in its main character, setting and obstacles, the pattern of goal setting, overcoming problems through sheer grit, and magical ending is paralleled in each book. The illustrations are in bright vivid color whether depicting animals in a jungle, a forest or a swamp. This book is fun as a read aloud to children ages 2-7 and self read for most children ages 7-10.

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warm rock, he saw a long-legged animal with hard hooves and a belly that never dragged on the ground. It was a horse, heading to the water hole! “If I could become a horssse, I could travel across the dirt and ssstones without any pain,” thought Snake as he gingerly slid off the rock and onto the path. He met Horse returning from the water. Horse reared to a stop. “Mr. Horssse,” began Snake quickly, “I want ssso much to be a horssse like you. Pleassse, what can I do?” Horse stared down at

he was still a snake. So he slithered back to Horse. “Horssse,” hissed Snake, “I’m ssstill not a horssse. What mussst I do to become a horssse?” Horse looked at his herd as they talked to each other. “Snake,” said Horse, “we talk by neighing and snorting. Perhaps if you neigh instead of hissing, then you’d become a horse. Try it for a week!” Snake began neighing right away. He rolled up his tongue and said to the departing Horse, “Thaaaank you!” It sounded kind of neigh-like, but his

tongue got tied into a knot! “It’s aaalright!” he said to himself. “I have aaall week to praaactice.” Snake practiced and practiced and practiced, but the other snakes couldn’t understand a word he neighed. They laughed and laughed and laughed. He felt like quitting, but his painful belly kept him practicing all week. Yet again, his work seemed for nothing. At the end of the week, Snake was still a snake. Snake found Horse and with a sore tongue he asked, “Pleasth Horsth, what can I do

to become a horsth?” Horse chewed thoughtfully and studied his herd. Finally Horse lowered his head and whispered to Snake, “We walk and trot and gallop with our bellies off the ground. If you lift your belly and learn to walk, perhaps you’ll become a horse. Try it for a week!” Horse galloped off to show Snake what to do. Snake looked down at his coiled body. How could he walk without legs? Holding his head high and straight he leaned the front part of his body forward, tripped on a rock

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