The Shenandoah in Flames: The Valley Campaign of 1864

The Shenandoah in Flames: The Valley Campaign of 1864

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Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 0809447843

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Time-Life Civil War Series 24 of 27

This is part of the Time Life series on the Civil War. The series is a comprehensive account of the Civil War, including eyewitness testimony, profiles of key personalities, period photographs, illustrations and artifacts, and detailed battle maps. This volume covers the Valley Campaign of 1864.

Stonewall Jackson laid it down as law: "If this Valley is lost, Virginia is lost". Militarily, the Shenandoah Valley was the gateway to the Old Dominion. Follow Jackson's defense of the Valley in one of the most agile and inventive campaigns of the war.

Bloody Times: The Funeral of Abraham Lincoln and the Manhunt for Jefferson Davis


















saved for the time He had at least the principal David Hunter, an aging but aggressive offiGrant eagerly concurred. The transfer cer, took place on left May 19, the day Breckinridge the Valley. 39 t( Black Daves 'Orgy of Fire "Ha d Hunter moved on Lynchburg with energy, fallen before it was possible for me that place would have to get there." LIEUTENANT GENERAL JUBAL A. EARLY, C.S.A. Major General David Hunter burned with Grim and energetic, Hunter usually projected a tense

afternoon, as the battlefield was growing quiet, Strother had been sent to confirm that Jones had indeed been killed. 49 ARCHBISHOP MITTY HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY *van InCQ r^lifnrnlA 'Black Dave's" Orgy of Fire body coarsely leashed an orgy of destruction. This time he clothed in a dirty gray suit without any trap- confined his attentions to property of mili- pings or military insignia about it," he tary significance wrote. But Strother, a Virginian himself, shops and railroad was

mons bers of Confederate troops were approach- lace's Wallace immediately saw the prospect enemy, and Lieutenant Colonel David R. Clendenin num- agents near Harpers Ferry that large ing. six force of militiamen of 1864 President Lincoln had given Wallace of the Middle Department, with Monocacy — even though he was not under Wal- command. The horsemen reached Frederick late on of another Confederate invasion of the North July 6, then at daybreak they headed west to and

Ohio and the 9th New York Heavy Artillery, in line as infan- try near the river, fled. As one of the as if ten rose up. They were within ten rods of us, firing like a sheet of flame." wounded was the 9th's reb- Of course Among the commander, young Colonel William Henry Seward Jr., son and namesake of Lincoln's secretary of state. Ricketts' right a difficult was caving in, and he began fire. Thanks VI Corps veterans, he disengagement under to the discipline of the was able

relieve Lee him of command. Now, the war as well as the campaign was over in the Shenandoah Valley. Sheridan's ous army marched away for the taking with it marched glumly west from Federally occupied Richmond to the burned-out ruin of their beloved institute at Lexington. was soon rebuilt, and victori- last time, the rumble and clash of guns, classes resumed; It little had changed from the spring of 1864. Henceforth, every roll call May 15 at VMI, the has included 10

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