The Secret Seven

The Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0340917547

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's their very first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow...

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Janet fitted the little white skull caps she had roughly made, over each boy's head. " Well! I shouldn't like to meet you walking down the lane to-night! " she said. " You look terrifying ! " " Time we went," said Peter. " Good-bye, Janet. Go to bed now and sleep tight. I'll tell you our adventures in the morning ! I shan't wake you when I come in." " I shall stay awake till you come ! " said Janet. She watched them go off down the moonlit path, a row of queer white figures with horrid white

truth I'd almost forgotten about the Secret Society too ! " " Well, you don't deserve to belong then," said Peter. " Just because we haven't met for some time ! I do think-----" There was another knock at the door. It was Pam and Barbara. There was silence in the shed. Everyone was listening for the password. " Wenceslas," hissed Barbara, in such a peculiar voice that everyone jumped. " Wenceslas," whispered Pam. The door opened, and in they went. " Good—you're both wearing your badges,"

to-day," he confessed. " I got it out of Colin. So I'm glad I've thought of a new one for us." " Well, nobody must forget this one," said Peter. " It might be very important. Now what about some grub ? " " Delumptious," said Barbara, and everyone laughed. " Do you mean ' delicious ' or ' scrumptious ' ? " asked Janet. " Both, of course," said Barbara. " What's that peculiar-looking stuff in the bottle, Janet ? " Janet was shaking it vigorously. It was a dark purple and had little black

anxious to know what Jack had got to say. " Remember your badges," Janet said to the two girls. " You won't be admitted to an important Meeting like this unless you know the password and have your badge." Everyone turned up early, eager to hear the news. Everyone remembered the password, too. " Week-days ! " and the door was opened and shut. " Week-days," and once more the door was opened and shut. Member after member passed in, wearing the badge and murmuring the password. Both Colin and

Well—shall we set off? " " Yes. Meet and report here this afternoon," said Peter. " You've discovered a most exciting mystery, Jack, and it's up to the Secret Seven to solve it as soon as they can ! " CHAPTER VI FINDING OUT A FEW THINGS ALL the Secret Seven set off at once, feeling extremely important. Scamper went with Peter, Colin and Jade, his tail well up, and he also felt very important. He was mixed up in a Mystery with the Society! No wonder he turned up his nose at every dog he met.

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