The Secret of Moon Castle (The Secret Series, Book 5)

The Secret of Moon Castle (The Secret Series, Book 5)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 90

ISBN: 1841356743

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Prince Paul's family are visiting England and wish to rent a castle to stay in for several weeks, and Mrs. Arnold has been asked to help locate a suitable castle, knowing England far better than Paul's parents. The Arnolds are invited to spend some time in the castle with them, too, and are soon puzzled by strange events happening in the castle: odd noises that occur, eyes in portraits that shine mysteriously, lights that shine in tower rooms, despite being locked tight. It seems that there are unknown people who do not want them to stay in the castle.
On occasion, a strange tingling effect is felt by them, and strange coloured lights seem to rise from the ground, and it seems to be due to a strange metal (possibly radioactive) that mysterious men are mining for unknown reasons.

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�For a big household such as Paul’s mother would bring, you would need good shops at least fairly near - but the nearest shops are about twenty miles away, it seems to me. It sounded such a lonely, desolate place - it really gave me the creeps!” �Oh Mother! But that’s the sort of castle we’d all love,” said Nora. �And Paul’s mother would bring plenty of cars - wouldn’t she, Paul? So that shopping would be easy.” �Well - not plenty,” said Paul, laughing. �But enough.” �Another drawback is that

everywhere, which was very silly, of course. Mike thought of rocks with streaks of tin in them! Jack called out to them when he was halfway down. �This ladder’s fine. Come on, Mike and Paul!” The other two boys followed him. The ladder seemed strong and in good order, surprisingly so, considering how long the village must have been deserted. Jack was now at the very bottom and was waiting for the other two. They jumped down beside him, one by one. A hollow, most peculiar voice came down the

them back again,” said Jack. �I expect you heard me. What’s he done with our precious torches? If he’s taken them away with him I shall be wild!” �Well - we’ve seen what he didn’t mean us to see,” said Mike, pleased. �We’re one up on him! I say - he must be quite scared of us, mustn’t he - trying to stop us discovering what he’s up to!” �He knows we’re snooping round,” said Jack, getting into bed and lying down. �He must have found that rug we put against the tower door to see if he came in and

But it was only Dimmy, bringing up biscuits and plums for their lunch. She was cross because the door was locked. Peggy flew to open it. �What do you want to lock this door for?” demanded Dimmy. �To keep out Brimmy and the Lots,” said Jack, truthfully. �They’re always snooping about. Oh thanks, Dimmy. You’re a brick - chocolate biscuits and plums - I could do with those.” Dimmy went, and the children took a rest from their labours and ate all the biscuits and the plums, sitting on Mike’s bed.

oiled. The boys stared at the gap in the floor lit by the light of the man’s torch. They were really amazed. Why, they had trodden over that stone a dozen times! The man went over to the hole, sat down on the edge of it and let himself down carefully into the gap. He disappeared. After a few seconds the boys came out from their hiding-place and switched on a torch. Just as they flashed it they saw the stone rising slowly and silently back into place! �Look at that!” said Jack. �I’m not sure we

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