The Ring O' Bells Mystery (Barney Mysteries) (Barney Mystery)

The Ring O' Bells Mystery (Barney Mysteries) (Barney Mystery)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1841357308

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Barney, Roger, Diana and Snubby love solving mysteries. When the children are feeling poorly they are sent to Ring O' Bells Village to recover. Soon they are exploring the secret passage in Ring O' Bells Hall. Is it really a dead end or does it follow the route marked on an old map they find? And who, or what, is making those strange noises? Age 8+

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but he could see nothing but boxes and sacks. Then he felt himself roughly pulled away and the torch snatched from his hand. The driver shouted at him. �Come away from there, you and your monkey. Don’t mess about with my goods. ‘All right, all right,’ said Barney, surprised at all the excitement. �Here, Miranda, what’s frightened you?’ The monkey had now climbed out, and had scrambled on to Barney’s shoulder, trembling. Something had obviously given her a fright. �Shall I finish changing the

they have come from then?’ �Let’s go back,’ said Diana. ‘I don’t like the smell down here.’ So back they went, turning themselves round and having Barney for leader this time. They passed the unusual little cupboard but didn’t open it again. Then they were up behind the panelling, and in a moment or two were climbing out of the passage and into the room beyond. Roger pressed the panel back into place. A rattling noise came as it slid back. That was the lever moving back against the panel to

�Look,’ said Roger, straightening himself up. He had been bending down, peeping here and there. �Look - there’s a little space in this mass of rubble - you can see right through it.’ Barney bent down and put his eye to the space. He could make out part of the clothed body of a man, tossing and turning. He could not see his face. �Shall I speak to him and ask him who he is?’ whispered Barney. The others nodded. They felt sure the man was a captive, a prisoner, probably kidnapped and held for

nicely rounded up,’ said Barney, seeing it all, �A very good plan, sir.’ �Does the caretaker-woman feed you?’ asked Roger, through the hole. �Is she in it too?’ �Everyone’s in it!’ said the man. �I knew they were using this place for their headquarters, but I’d no idea there was any secret passage here. There’s many a poor fellow’s been put down here!’ He coughed so badly that he couldn’t stop. Barney and Roger and Snubby felt distressed. �If only we could get to him to help him - but this

well.’ �Yes - you’re going to be fed up,’ said Miss Pepper, smiling. ‘I hope I shan’t be - by the end of these few days here!’ �Ha ha - joke!’ said Snubby politely. He sat down. �I don’t need to wait for the others, do I? Do I begin with porridge?’ �You do,’ said Miss Pepper, serving him out of a dish on the food-warmer. �And take plenty of cream - plenty! Doctor’s orders. You’ve gone skinny and I don’t like you skinny.’ �Gosh! Can I really take as much cream as I like?’ said Snubby, reaching

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