The Pre-Raphaelites: From Rossetti to Ruskin (Penguin Classics)

The Pre-Raphaelites: From Rossetti to Ruskin (Penguin Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0141192402

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The Pre-Raphaelite Movement began in 1848, and experienced its heyday in the 1860s and 1870s. Influenced by the then little-known Keats and Blake, as well as Wordsworth, Shelley and Coleridge, Pre-Raphaelite poetry "etherialized sensation" (in the words of Antony Harrison), and popularized the notion ofl'art pour l'art—art for art's sake. Where Victorian realist novels explored the grit and grime of the Industrial Revolution, Pre-Raphaelite poems concentrated on more abstract themes of romantic love, artistic inspiration and sexuality. Later they attracted Aesthetes and Decadents like Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley and Ernest Dowson, not to mention Gerard Manley Hopkins and W.B. Yeats.

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a stinging reply, ‘The Stealthy School of Criticism’, in the Athenaeum, the damage was done. Pre-Raphaelite poetry would be inextricably linked with the pornographic, the unhealthy, the morbid and the feminized. As late as 1900, William Michael was still emphasizing his brother’s ‘masculine traits’, insisting rather sternly: ‘He did not “yearn”.’ The more readers learned about Dante Gabriel the man, ‘the less room will be left for the notion of a pallid and anaemic “aesthete” ’.30 In some ways,

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God. From Tristram of Lyonesse Tristram of Lyonesse and Other Poems (Chatto & Windus, 1882). This extract reproduces ll. 1–75 of ‘I. The Sailing of the Swallow’. Title. From an Arthurian legend in which Tristram travels to Ireland to win Yseult (also spelled ‘Iseult’) of Ireland’s hand in marriage for King Mark of Cornwall. During the return voyage to Cornwall, Tristram and Yseult begin a tragic affair after drinking a love potion intended for Yseult and King Mark. Yseult marries King Mark

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