The Power of Social Intelligence: 10 ways to tap into your social genius

The Power of Social Intelligence: 10 ways to tap into your social genius

Tony Buzan

Language: English

Pages: 74


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

By developing your Social Intelligence you can understand and appreciate everyone you meet; what motivates them, what their personal needs are, and how you can make them comfortable and pleased to be with you. With four colour maps and lively text this book shows you how to:
• Improve every aspect of your social skills, both in relationships and at work
• Become more confident
• Have a more active and successful social life
• Become a better communicator and a a fearless public speaker
• Improve every aspect of your social skills, in relationships and at work

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don’t want to: that is your right. If possible, offer an alternative. You may not want to do the school run tomorrow, but you offer to do it next week – compromise is the key to successful negotiations! Use your Social Intelligence and show that you understand the reason for your friend or colleague’s request, and that you are sorry that you cannot help out. A sympathetic rejection, which demonstrates concern for the individual, is almost always remembered more fondly than a brusque acceptance,

empathy and sympathy; it also helps us understand humour, enabling us to distinguish when others are being, ironic, sarcastic or even deceptive. It appears that the brain has been designed to help us interact on both simple and complex levels with our human companions. Keeping the conversation flowing A conversation can be compared to a two-person relay race: the first person picks up the conversation and runs with it as far as he or she can, and then passes it over to the other ‘stage

one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.’ (Dale Carnegie) If you apply everything you have so far learned in The Power of Social Intelligence, you will automatically be a successful social operator. In this chapter we are going to start with the fascinating study that sets the scene by giving some new insights into the nature of social relations. I will also recap the major Social Intelligence characteristics, and provide a wonderful example of

group of friends who used only their right-brain skills. You would probably have a lot of fun – but it would have been chaos! Conversation would have been almost nonexistent; the music would have had no order, sequence, pattern or structure; and the venue would be a wreck! By using only half their mental skills, your imaginary friends would actually have been using less than half their full complement of skills, because the left and right brain skills are best used together, where they create a

Intelligent way shows that you find someone to be worth your attention, and to be of value as a person – and everyone responds positively to that. A Cautionary Tale of Social Intelligence – Part Two When I was still in the ‘Mighty Muscle/Mighty Vocabulary’ stage of developing my Social Intelligence, I would tend to ‘dominate the airwaves’. This was because I thought that the more brilliant points I made, the more brilliant the conversation was. This was a very one-sided and limited view.

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