The Nation Reunited : War's Aftermath

The Nation Reunited : War's Aftermath

Time-Life Books

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 0809447924

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Time-Life Civil War Series 27 of 27

Another excellent book in the Time-Life series on the Civil War. This volume looks at Reconstruction and its aftermath, the impeachment of President Johnson, the rise of capital in America, the corrupt presidency of Grant and the westward shift of Americans to the West. Filled with photos, period illustrations and photos of artifacts it is an excellent resource for understanding post-Civil War America. Includes sidebars on Jefferson Davis, the Grand Review, Lee, the frontier army, Thomas Nast, life for the freedmen after the War and the veterans' reunions

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quickly became a ple of a waited until the Senate had ad- journed for the More important for- bade him from removing Stanton without South Carolina's second black U.S. Conwell. increasingly vocal sta- Democratic propaganda. In Alabama, Pope and December. For good measure, Johnson replaced some Radical-leaning officials in of the Freedmen's Bureau, most notably jor Ma- General Wager Swayne in Alabama. Though Democrats applauded the moves, North was hostile. Some dismissed

weapon. On his threemonth, 1400-mile trek, much of it along the route of Sherman's march through Georgia and South Carolina, Bates report- United States (opposite). to the capitol boomed and The man climbed as cannon dome and, the onlookers cheered, he waved the Stars and Stripes over the former stronghold of the Confederacy. The color-bearer was Sergeant Gilbert H. Bates, a Wisconsin farmer, Union vet- felt Unlike met only "blessings of strong political convic- Bates that "the flag

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Republic Hall The index Zeitlin, Grand Army of Museum. for this book was prepared by Roy Nanovic. Picture Credits Credits from left to right are separated by semicolons, from top to graphed by Dick Spahr. 66: Courtesy Frank bottom by dashes. Wood Cover: Library of Congress. 2,3: Map by Peter McGinn. 8-13: Library of Congress. 14, 15: The New-York Historical Soci- 70: Library of Congress. 71: Lytle Papers, ety. 17: National Park Service (NPS), Andrew Johnson Na- Tennessee,

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