The Moon Scroll (The Secrets of Droon #15)

The Moon Scroll (The Secrets of Droon #15)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 147


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Galen's in trouble! He's disappeared into the evil land of Goll, and it's up to Eric, Julie, Neal, and Keeah to help him. The Wand of Urik is the powerful tool Galen needs. But the Wand's been missing for years. The only way to find it is by studying the powerful words of The Moon Scroll, an ancient chronicle of Droon history. Everyone knows that the Scroll holds mysterious secrets. And following its clues to the Wand of the Urik is sure to be cool. But no one has any idea just how exciting the journey will be-until the Moon Scroll leads them back through time!

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luck!” said Keeah. Pop … The passage lit up for an instant, then plunged back into darkness. “Now, to find a way out of here,” said Max. “Wait,” said Eric suddenly. “Keeah, explode another one of those things.” “But the goblin’s gone,” she said. “My powers are nearly gone, too. It’s Goll, remember, my powers are limited here.” “But I saw something just now,” said Eric. Keeah tried one last time. P-p-p-pop … The passage lit up once more, and there it was, a strange carving on the wall by

fingertips. He could speak to his friends just using his thoughts. And he had visions of things that hadn’t happened yet. Eric looked at Julie’s front door. It was open. “Maybe I’m supposed to have the wand,” he said. “Just to keep Julie from moving away. Maybe that’s why it followed me, you know?” “But Keeah said magic is tricky,” Neal said. “So maybe we shouldn’t —” Just then — rmmm! — a large moving van rumbled down the street toward Julie’s house. Eric shuddered. “That’s it. I can’t let

green robes. One of them wore a tiny pair of wire-rimmed glasses. They were bathed in a bright green glow. “The Guardians!” said Neal. “Bodo and Vasa! How did you get so … small?” “Do not be alarmed,” said Bodo, adjusting his spectacles. “We are actually far from here in our flying city, guarding the Tower of Memory. These are merely images of ourselves —” “Never mind us,” Vasa interrupted. “Listen closely. You know that Galen has followed Lord Sparr into the depths of Goll. He is trying to

foil the sorcerer’s latest dark and secret plan.” Bodo nodded. “But you must help, too. The wizard has asked that you find the Moon Scroll.” “We’re not really sure what it is,” said Keeah. “The Scroll,” said Vasa, “is Galen’s poem of early Droon, and one of its oldest histories. The Scroll is extremely valuable. In it, you will learn many secrets about Droon’s past.” “Sounds mysterious,” said Julie. Droon’s past was full of mysteries and secrets. Eric recalled how he was trapped in the

strange symbol. “Oh, my,” chirped Max. “I’ve seen that mark before. That is my master’s name in the old language! Galen was here long ago. We must be close to the Moon Scroll itself!” Keeah turned to Nelag. “Well, we’re in the Ring of Giants. Where will we find the Scroll?” “It will find you,” said Nelag. “I said the Ring was a clock. It’s not time yet. I suggest we wait.” They did wait, sitting together on the large blue stone at the center of the Ring, but watching the distance for signs of

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