The Magic Escapes (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #1)

The Magic Escapes (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #1)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 181


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The magic of Droon explodes with the first-ever Special Edition! An enhanced eye-catching package with foil and a special sticker bind-in make this book irresistible for DROON fans!

Magic is on the move... into the real world. As Eric and his friends venture beyond the jeweled door and down the dark stairway, they enter a whole new chapter in their Droon adventures. They enter the "Upper World" -- our world. In this exciting special edition, for the first time ever, the magical world of Droon is expanding into the real world. Wizards, goblins, and all kinds of magical mischief are in store -- and this time, it's not just a wonder of Droon. It's a reality.

Black Queen

Deep Sea Farm

The Black Stallion Mystery (Black Stallion, Book 13)

The Young Black Stallion (Black Stallion, Book 21)




















nodded, coughed, then said, “Would the magic words be … Om — yee — Pesh?” “Oh! At once, sir!” both guards said, bowing low and thrusting the doors open instantly. “Thank you, my good sirs,” said Neal. “Good and ugly,” said Eric under his breath. The friends entered a giant room. Wild, thorny plants grew up in every corner and hung down from the walls. Blazing fiery cauldrons sat on platforms on each side of the room, casting golden light on hundreds of goblins standing at attention.

that big fat flying lizard, too. They did get there! We saw them! Only now that we’re in the past we have a chance to stop them from ever getting there. And the only way to do that is by letting Sparr win. At least this once. Guys, we need to help Sparr.” “Help Sparr?” said Neal. “But he’s been our enemy, like, forever —” “Look,” said Eric. “I don’t know what this Viper thingy is, but if somebody doesn’t stop her, Salamandra will go after it, taking Pesh to our time — to our town! There won’t

cried Keeah, leaping from the boat. She led the small band through the quaking streets to the foot of the Dark Stair. Even as they got there, the evil princess Salamandra was racing up the black steps to the jeweled door. At the top, she turned. Thwing! Thwing! She shot one flaming thorn after another at the kids. Keeah and the two Galens made a shield of blue light. Plink! Plank! The thorns fell away harmlessly. Salamandra glared at them. “Fancy work, wizards. But you haven’t seen the last

smiled. “Galen said that there was some left. I think he means all of you.” At that moment, there came a soft whooshing sound behind them. Turning, they saw the shimmering rainbow stairs. The stairs that young Galen had created. Keeah turned to the old wizard. “So you did find the way to the New World. You used your brother’s wand. You made the stairs.” “I did indeed,” Galen said. “And all is as it should be.” “Ahem!” said Neal, raising a green claw. “All is as it should be? I mean, hello?

That means we go by boat.” Neal peered out the window at the choppy waves splashing in the canals. “By boat? With my stomach? Now I really don’t feel good!” As the small troop clambered out the window, Eric put his hand into his pocket. The gem was as cold as ice. He began to tremble once more. We’re coming for you, Sparr…. A moment later, the six friends were scampering across the rooftops and down to the docks of Pesh. A thick mist was rising off the water when the small group approached

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