The Killing Ground: Wilderness to Cold Harbor (Civil War)

The Killing Ground: Wilderness to Cold Harbor (Civil War)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0809447681

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: Time Life Education (June 1986)

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enemy's tent metropolis grow. not walk away from a job unfinished. "If despaired of receiving additional provisions: they can't you you kill for three in three years, they want "There more," groused another New for Englander. "But I nothing to be had in this section is man or animals," he wrote Jefferson Davis on April will stay." Those who reenlisted were joined by fresh urgently He had all but 12. What Lee needed most now was men. Longstreet was re- volunteers,

Federal left, the Confedcommander was convinced. Clearly a race was on. Lee ordered Rich- who had taken over for the ard Anderson, wounded James Longstreet, to ready two divisions for a night march toward Spotsyl83 A Slaughter at the Crossroads vania. right, Anderson, holding the Confederate unusual signs, such as rattling canteens or was metal," Lieutenant in the best position for this side Richard Ewell and A. P. Hill slip. would follow with their corps as soon as they were

wish you to I have everything in readiness to pull out moment's notice." Lee added: tack these people if at a "We must at- they retreat." The decision shocked some of the officers, who thought hope was eral to the Confederate army's best remain on the defensive. "Gen- Lee," Hill implored, "let them contin- ue to attack our breastworks; we can stand that very well." up set. He feared most Richmond and bottled was convinced, would doom the Confederacy. "This army cannot

General Or- "For God's sake, go back!" Again Lee was lando Willcox's division, but exposing himself recklessly to enemy en back by a furious enemy charge. Burnside fire. it too was driv- 103 A Slaughter at the Crossroads barely rein- War- who is a ditto, did about the same." As evening approached, word filtered Corps had attacked Richard Ander- back from Confederate commanders in the to hold his own, containing the Confederate counterattack with close- range artillery fire.

ing, all flank of the Confederate position. At midday on May 30, Early attacked near Bethesda Church with Robert Rodes's divi149 To Die at Cold Harbor sion in a headlong charge that swept aside a line of Federal skirmishers and stampeded a part of Brigadier General division of Warren's Samuel Crawford's V Corps. But Early ne- up his reserve divisions swiftly enough, and Warren was able to beat glected to bring House Landing. These were 16,000 men of General William Smith's XVIII

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