The Jelly People (Space Scout)

The Jelly People (Space Scout)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1921564857

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Scouting a giant underwater city sounds awesome to Kip. That is, until he meets the poisonous Jelly People who live there"--P. [4] of cover.

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stood over them, his tentacles swishing. Nurdor took a sharp, white needle made of shell from the chest. Then before Kip knew what was happening, Nurdor flicked his tentacles at Kip and Finbar’s arms. Owww!! The pain was thousands of times stronger than when Nurdor had flicked Kip’s leg. Kip couldn’t move. His arms and legs were paralysed! Finbar could do nothing but howl. Nurdor pushed the sleeve of Kip’s SeaStocking up to his shoulder. Horrified, Kip watched as the Jelly poked the needle

AirSuit ‘These are AirSuits,’ Nurdor said briskly. ‘Climb in, swim to the surface and fill the suit with warm water.’ ‘Why?’ Kip scowled. ‘A SLAVE DOESN’T ASK QUESTIONS!’ Nurdor thundered. But the Jelly seemed to want to prove to Kip how successful his alien race was. ‘Sea Sprouts have made the Jellies fabulously rich,’ Nurdor explained haughtily. ‘We grow them all over our city.’ Those grey plants everywhere, with the square leaves, remembered Kip. What’s so special about them?

wrong step and Nurdor would sting him again. Or worse! Kip pulled the AirSuit on over his SeaStocking. The AirSuit was heavy, and Kip’s whole body felt clunky and useless. ‘Hurry up,’ Nurdor snapped at Finbar, whose furry paws were struggling with the seal on his suit. Kip glared at Nurdor, and pulled the suit closed for Finbar. Tentacles rippling, Nurdor led Kip and Finbar out of the pearl chamber. They made their way back through the city. They reached the entrance to the dome. Then Kip

Finbar swam towards the islands. They soon came into view. Kip was right! There were figures on top, all wearing AirSuits. More slaves. Finbar’s superior wolf vision saw every detail. The aliens were shaped like humans, but each had four eyes instead of two. Swimming a final stroke, Kip grabbed onto the reed island. One of the aliens reached down to help Kip up. ‘Hello, I’m Virgil,’ said the alien. ‘I am a Gird.’ Just like the Jellies, Virgil spoke Kip’s language perfectly. ‘These are some of

Jellies were still behind them! At last, Kip and Finbar broke through to the surface of the water. Kip dialled MoNa on his SpaceCuff. Nurdor will go crazy when he realises we’ve escaped, Kip thought. He smiled, imagining Nurdor’s furious expression. ‘Send two Scramblers ASAP!’ he said urgently, when MoNa answered. ‘And a Scrambler for your WaterWalker, too?’ MoNa asked. The WaterWalker! Kip had totally forgotten about it. There was no way he was heading back to Jelly City to get it. ‘Er… we

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