The Island Stallion (Black Stallion)

The Island Stallion (Black Stallion)

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0394843762

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Steve Duncan is asked to go on an archeological search on a remote Caribbean island, he never imagines the stallion he will find there. But the giant horse is unapproachable, showing nothing but fear and fury towards people. When the stallion gets caught in quicksand, can Steve get close enough to save the wild horse?

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laden with a fine gray dust. “What’s that behind the table?” Steve asked suddenly. Pitch turned the flashlight on the object on the floor, and they both saw the overturned chair. But their eyes left it for the carved crest and the lettering upon the wall behind it. They rounded the table quickly, Pitch holding the flashlight close to the wall. Half obliterated with age, but still faintly visible, was the outline of a scroll, in the center of which they made out the figure of a lion standing

Upon reaching the ground, he ran to where he’d thrown his rope. He picked it up and went toward the stallion, his strides slower now and more cautious. Taking hold of the doubled rope, he separated the two parts, forming a noose. Then he turned to the stallion, knowing that the most difficult job of all was ahead. For now he had to get the noose about Flame’s girth! Carrying the rope, Steve approached the red stallion. For the first time he was able to get a good look at the raw red mouth now

pack,” Pitch replied without stopping. Steve got the rope and ran after Pitch, managing to catch up to him only when he had reached the entrance to the chasm. Pitch took in the jagged walls rising above them. Then he turned to Steve, and his voice wavered as he said, “You realize what we’re doing, don’t you, Steve? We’re following the footsteps of the Conquistadores. This was their way to and from Blue Valley. And we’re the first, the very first ones …” Without finishing the sentence Pitch

morning sun, warming the upper valley with its light. Steve, welcoming the sun’s rays, lay back on the blanket, his head turned to one side and his eyes resting on Flame. The stallion had moved from the shadows along the walls out into the sun, and his body glowed a fiery red. His long tail no longer trailed the ground but swished constantly about his body. “Flies,” muttered Steve. “They’re starting to bother him.” The boy’s eyes closed. He was tired. He’d rest for a while, then go to his horse

that was in this stallion. It was raised high, yet set at an angle, accentuating the high curve at the crest of his long neck. It was wedge-shaped, broad in the forehead and tapering down to long, delicate nostrils. The ears were small and close together; just now they were pricked, almost touching at the tips. The large eyes, set wide apart, were most expressive, glaring wildly when the stallion’s fury was aroused and becoming soft and warm when there was nothing to fear or fight. That Flame

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