The Dastardly Deed (The League of Beastly Dreadfuls, Book 2)

The Dastardly Deed (The League of Beastly Dreadfuls, Book 2)

Holly Grant

Language: English

Pages: 179

ISBN: 2:00339207

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Take one part Roald Dahl, add a pinch of Mysterious Benedict Society and a dash of Lemony Snicket. Mix with Holly Grant’s unforgettable storytelling and a double helping of wit and humor, and you get this quirky and hilarious new middle-grade series!
Join the League . . .
After their narrow escape from a NEFARIOUS kidnapping ring, Anastasia, Ollie, and Quentin (a.k.a. The League of Beastly Dreadfuls!) are looking forward to a relaxing vacation from DANGER! INTRIGUE! CATASTROPHE! Sadly, they’re not going to get one.
Because Anastasia makes the SHOCKING discovery that her family is at the heart of a centuries-old scandal—a SCANDAL that began with THE DASTARDLY DEED. Before you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” the Dreadfuls have another MYSTERY to solve: the Case of the Missing Grandfather. Can our INTREPID LEAGUE track down Anastasia’s Vanished Gramps? Gentle Reader, BEWARE! The trail of clues leads to spine-tingling surprises. (Catastrophe! Magic! Opera! Stinky cheese! Science fairs!) Read on if you DARE!
Praise for the League of Beastly Dreadfuls:
“WONDERFULLY WITTY. It reminds me of Roald Dahl’s The Twits only in an insane asylum.” —Chris Grabenstein, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
* “A yummy debut.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred
“This adventure is filled with enough mystery and humor to keep readers wondering what will happen next. A solid debut reminiscent of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” —School Library Journal
“Just the right mix of humor, magic, maliciousness, and suspense” —Booklist
“It’s clear that Anastasia is anything but average, and her adventures are just beginning.” —Publishers Weekly

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asked. “Did he do anything strange?” “He gnawed on sticks,” Baldwin said. “Constantly.” Anastasia pondered this. “Muffy does that, too. The vet said it keeps her front teeth from growing too long.” Her thoughts moseyed to the conversation she had overheard the night before. “Do you think Dad might be hiding as a guinea pig somewhere? Maybe he’s in a cage at the Mooselick Pet Shop.” Penny flinched. “Er—that’s a possibility, dear.” “Do you think anyone can find him?” Anastasia persisted. She

dad make all of these?” Anastasia asked. “He tunes all the music boxes, and he carves all the figurines,” Quentin said. “But the snow globes come from Celestina Wata.” “Gus’s aunt,” Ollie reminded Anastasia. “What’s she like? I’ve never met a real artist before,” Anastasia said. “Aunt Teeny’s pretty nice.” Gus shrugged. “Really quiet, though. And she doesn’t visit all that much—she spends every waking minute in her workshop.” He pressed his nose to the window. “That mouse music box is so

work on your science project?” “That’s right,” Gus said. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. Just make sure you don’t take your mice in the house, Ollie—your mother almost had a nervous breakdown this morning. From now on, the mice will lodge in the shop.” Mr. Drybread returned his attention to a pile of gears. “Let’s go into the listening booth,” Ollie whispered. “It’s soundproof.” He led them to a small glass cubicle nooked in a corner. Squashing everyone in at once was much like a round of

Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-For Well in waking life, too? She twisted the handle and the door swung down, sluicing coins into the earth’s dark belly. This belly, Anastasia saw, was crowded with furniture, rising like shipwreck skeletons adrift a shallow sea brimming with coins and small glass bottles. She knelt, her gaze creeping over the glow-mossed walls. Someone hummed within the shadowy cellar, but a tangle of cobwebs drooping from an unlit chandelier blocked her view. Ollie and Quentin

suspiciously bonelike bits and bobs, and there, glinting in the darkest corner— There it was. The slender silver fuse that ignited a Perpetual War. The device of centuries of misery, and perhaps also the instrument for that misery’s undoing. It seemed nothing more than a rod capped with a metal wedge, crooking on one side into a double-pronged claw. And yet, Anastasia knew, it was the only tool in the world capable of uprooting the nails binding the Silver Chest, releasing Nicodemus to point the

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