The Curse of the King (Seven Wonders, Book 4)

The Curse of the King (Seven Wonders, Book 4)

Peter Lerangis

Language: English

Pages: 138


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thirteen-year-old Jack McKinley and his friends have already defeated the Colossus of Rhodes, visited Ancient Babylon, and outfoxed legions of undead all to recover three of the lost Loculi. But if they don’t unearth the last four Loculi soon, the powers that made these victories possible will overwhelm the Select—and destroy the world.

Not only do Jack and his friends have to battle these seven ancient wonders, but they also have to contend with the Massa, who have taken over the Karai Institute and convinced Marco to switch sides. Outnumbered, underequipped, and growing weary, Jack, Cass, and Aly soldier on to find the long-lost Statue of Zeus.

But as time is running out, our heroes must confront gods, relive old battles, and face down their greatest enemy yet—their destiny. Old enemies become new friends and sudden victories turn to certain defeats as the time nears for everything to change. The stakes grow impossibly high in this latest adventure from master storyteller Peter Lerangis.

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out any truths about my mother. “If you do know, then we may begin to understand each other.” The woman stood, looking at the two pictures on the wall. “My brother’s name was Osman. He and you were very much alike. He was a Select, you know. There is not a day that I don’t think of him.” “Your brother was a Select?” I said. “So you knew about all of this back then?” “I did,” Number One said. “In fact, I lost both Osman and Father to Artemisia, just as you lost Radamanthus Bhegad.” I thought

“We must keep this a secret until the training is complete.” “And then the real work can begin”—Number One’s mouth curved upward into a smile that was half ironic, half admiring—“my liege.” CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT HIS JACKNESS THERE’S A FINE line between destiny and doofusness, and I was walking it. All the way back to the dorm, I felt like two people. One of them was trembling with excitement and the other was cackling out loud. My liege. Was that supposed to be a joke? Was she flattering

“Your dad, in the circus,” Cass said. “Did you get to see him?” Trapeze. It took me a moment. “Dad was being sarcastic,” I explained. “He doesn’t like Mr. Reese.” “Your dad has a weird sense of humor,” Cass said. “Reese is like the Donald Trump of Belleville,” I said. “Except with normal hair. Dad says he owns half the town, but still Mr. Reese wants to be a media mogul. He’s the head of Reese Industries, the Bathroom Solutions People.” “Whoa. As in ‘Reese: The Wings Beneath Your Wind’?” Cass

distract them. Give me three seconds.” “What?” But Cass was already running away, heading toward the table that contained the medical equipment and monitors. One . . . I reached into the pack and lifted out the Loculus of Invisibility. Two . . . As I stepped forward, the loud beeps stopped. I looked toward the monitors. They were dark. Aly’s equipment had shut down completely. Cass was scampering away from the wall socket, where he had pulled out the plugs. Three! I heard a shout. Two

her daughter, the place was going nuts. Cass was screaming, pumping his fists. The hospital staff high-fived each other like middle school kids. Dr. Karl looked bewildered. I thought I could see some tears on her cheeks as Aly’s mom hugged her, too. “You are a miracle worker, doctor,” Mrs. Black said. “Thank you.” “I—I’m not sure what did it,” Dr. Karl said. “I guess . . . the pads?” Aly pulled me closer. “What happened?” she whispered. “I had an episode, right? And you guys flew out to see

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