The Comedy of Errors (The Pelican Shakespeare)

The Comedy of Errors (The Pelican Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare

Language: English

Pages: 90

ISBN: 1539627926

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I feel that I have spent half my career with one or another Pelican Shakespeare in my back pocket.

Convenience, however, is the least important aspect of the new Pelican Shakespeare series. Here is an elegant and clear text for either the study or the rehearsal room, notes where you need them and the distinguished scholarship of the general editors, Stephen Orgel and A. R. Braunmuller who understand that these are plays for performance as well as great texts for contemplation.
(Patrick Stewart)

The distinguished Pelican Shakespeare series, which has sold more than four million copies, is now completely revised and repackaged.

Each volume features:
* Authoritative, reliable texts
* High quality introductions and notes
* New, more readable trade trim size
* An essay on the theatrical world of Shakespeare and essays on Shakespeare's life and the selection of texts

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[45] S. ANTIPHOLUS It is the devil. [52] S. DROMIO Nay, she is worse, she is the devil’s dam, and here she comes in the habit of a light wench; and thereof comes that the wenches say ‘God damn me!’ That’s as much to say ‘God make me a light wench!’ It is written they appear to men like angels of light; light is an effect of fire, and fire will burn; ergo, light wenches will burn. Come not near her. COURTEZAN Your man and you are marvellous merry, sir. Will you go with me? We’ll mend our

home; welcom’d home with it when I return; nay, I bear it on my shoulders as a beggar wont her brat; and I think, when he hath lam’d me, I [37] shall beg with it from door to door. Enter ADRIANA, LUCIANA, the Courtezan, and a Schoolmaster call’d PINCH. E. ANTIPHOLUS Come, go along; my wife is coming yonder. E. DROMIO Mistress, ‘respice finem’, respect your end; or rather, to prophesy like the parrot, [40] ‘Beware the rope’s-end’. E. ANTIPHOLUS Wilt thou still talk? [Beating him.

disparagement, [150] Yet will I favour thee in what I can. Therefore, merchant, I’ll limit thee this day To seek thy help by beneficial hap. Try all the friends thou hast in Ephesus; Beg thou, or borrow, to make up the sum, [155] And live; if no, then thou art doom’d to die. Gaoler, take him to thy custody. GAOLER I will, my lord. AEGEON Hopeless and helpless doth Aegeon wend, But to procrastinate his lifeless end. [Exeunt. SCENE II. The mart. Enter ANTIPHOLUS of Syracuse, DROMIO

ANTIPHOLUS I never came within these abbey [265] walls, Nor ever didst thou draw thy sword on me; I never saw the chain, so help me Heaven! And this is false you burden me withal. DUKE Why, what an intricate impeach is this! [270] I think you all have drunk of Circe’s cup. If here you hous’d him, here he would have been; If he were mad, he would not plead so coldly. You say he din’d at home: the goldsmith here Denies that saying. Sirrah, what say you? E. DROMIO Sir, he din’d with her

provision for her following me, And soon and safe arrived where I was. [50] There had she not been long but she became A joyful mother of two goodly sons; And, which was strange, the one so like the other As could not be distinguish’d but by names. That very hour, and in the self-same inn, [55] A mean woman was delivered Of such a burden, male twins, both alike. Those, for their parents were exceeding poor, I bought, and brought up to attend my sons. My wife, not meanly proud of two

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