The Coastal War: Chesapeake Bay to Rio Grande (The Civil War)

The Coastal War: Chesapeake Bay to Rio Grande (The Civil War)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0809447320

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Beautifully bound and illustrated volume on the Civil War featuring The Coastal War, Chesapeake Bay to Rio Grande.

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the shells Commander Rowan, en- William S. Clark, whose 21st Massachusetts was on the right of Reno's line, recalled, "The battle was now raging fiercely upon our right. The smoke from the rapid firing of more than thirty cannon and several thousand muskets was driven down upon us by the wind, and mingling with the dense fog, so completely shut out the light of that it was impossible to derive day any infor- mation respecting the position of the rebels except where it was indicated

rampart. The 8-inch columbiad at left below had been tilted upward in an attempt to lob shells into the Federal trenches 3 and batteries on Tybee Island. The Federals' accurate fire silenced 16 of the defenders' 20 guns. ..^sV-.^ u '".'- •Vr .«v : Xl^! — ^\>» "I 9H Archbishop Mitty High School Federal soldiers repairing the damage to Fort Pulaski pause on the parade ground in April 1862. The Confederate defenders, as ordered by General Lee in 1861, had , erected heavy timbers

vessels slipped onto set to work to release the one of the hulks and chain. An enemy rocket and Confederate guns lighted at up the river, once began to on the intruders. But the Federal sailors fire kept A contemporary engraving offers a bird's-eye view of the Federal fleet running the gantlet between Fort Jackson (bottom) and Fort St. Philip before dawn on April 24, 1862. Earlier in the night, a Federal gunboat had opened the way by cutting a hole in up their until they had

dealt with on Richmond from the Federal beachheads tle hoped to contain the Federals that plain as a source of supply, mined houses of the To and he was deter- that the region's agricultural should continue to find Army its quantity of a certain worth four cents . . . ." swipe Another problem unpopular with the mercenary vandals of the at least on the He recognized his dependence on kee mixes a "A Yanwooden the coastal proved impossible, he if wanted one book

artillery that could be moved, and soon the bluejackets were being showered with grapeshot and canister. U.S. Lieutenant Commander Thomas A. Selfridge Jr. wrote of his men, "They were packed like sheep in a pen, while the enemy were crowding the ramparts not 40 yards away and shooting into them as as they fast could fire." The Navy men, totally untrained for fight- ing on land, turned and fled, leaving 300 wounded on the Some of the wounded would drown in of their comrades dead or

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