The Circus of Adventure (Adventure Series)

The Circus of Adventure (Adventure Series)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1447262816

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The seventh exciting installment in Enid Blyton's Adventure series

Why did Bill have to bring the babyish Gustavus with them on holiday? Jack knows he'll only be trouble. But when Gustavus is kidnapped, along with Philip, Dinah, and Lucy-Ann, Jack and Kiki the parrot bravely set out to rescue them, leading them to a faraway land and the discovery of a plot to kill the King.

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unexpected boy with him! ‘I’m going to watch at the gate for Bill,’ announced Lucy-Ann after tea. ‘We all will,’ said Philip. ‘Good old Bill! What luck for us that he’s not on one of his hush-hush jobs just now, and can come away with us!’ They went to hang over the front gate together. Kiki kept putting her crest up and down excitedly. She knew quite well that Bill was coming. ‘Bill! Pay the bill!’ she kept saying. ‘Where’s Bill? Pop goes Bill!’ ‘You’re a silly-billy,’ said Lucy-Ann,

could speak the language of the country, but although he had picked up quite a few words—though apparently not so many as Kiki had!—it was impossible to hold any sensible kind of conversation with the scatterbrained Hela. She chattered away to him and he didn’t understand a word. He bought her the sweets and she flung her arms round him and hugged him. Then she ran off at top speed to show the sweets to her friends. The camp was soon ready. The circus was to open the following evening. Jack had

it moved! It moved sideways across the wall, and behind it appeared a black hole. Good gracious! Whatever was happening now? Chapter 20 THE WAY OUT A man’s face suddenly appeared in the hole. Jack would not have been able to recognize it but for one thing—the man wore an eyeglass in one eye! ‘The Count!’ thought Jack. ‘My word—what’s he doing, popping up in secret places in the middle of the night?’ The man jumped down to the floor. A door at once opened near him and a woman came out. Jack

Clever parrot! Kiki gave a loud hiccup, and then another. The soldiers were tickled, and roared with laughter. Then Kiki ducked like a hen laying eggs, and that amused them even more. This was the kind of thing Kiki liked. It gave her a wonderful opportunity for showing off. She put down her head, looked wickedly at the soldiers, and gave them the full benefit of her aeroplane-in-trouble noise. They were extremely startled, and stepped back at once. Kiki cackled idiotically, laughing till the

that moving picture hangs—we might be able to shove it aside and get into the room.’ He led the way again—up some very steep steps, up and up. Then round a sharp corner and into a narrow, dark passage running just inside the walls of the rooms, but a little below the level of the floor. Then came a small flight of steps, and Jack paused. ‘These are the steps that lead up to that picture,’ he whispered. ‘You must see if you can find out how to move it away from the hole, Bill—it slides right

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