The Big Bad Blackout (Judy Moody & Stink, Book 3)

The Big Bad Blackout (Judy Moody & Stink, Book 3)

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 2:00288698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hold on to your umbrella and stock up on marshmallows — Judy and Stink face wicked weather in their third full-color adventure.

Judy and Stink and the whole Moody family hunker down with beans and batteries, ready to wait out the storm. But along with massive rain and strong winds, Hurricane Elmer throws down ghosts, squirrels, and aliens. Spooky! Just when things couldn’t possibly get any freakier — flicker, flicker, gulp! — the lights go O-U-T out. The Moodys are smack-dab in the middle of a big bad blackout! Grandma Lou proposes musical board games and some good old-fashioned storytelling. Will Hurricane Elmer go down in Moody family history as bad news, a happy memory, or simply an LBS (Long Boring Story)?

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statue, raised her head high and — oopsy-daisy — looked as surprised as anyone when out popped a monster egg. Not just any old white egg, either. A blue egg!” “Whoa. Like an Easter egg?” Stink asked. “Yes, sirree. That bird laid the most beautiful sky-blue egg you ever set eyes on. I knew right then and there Suzie Q would win me a prize at the county fair. “Then it happened. One warm, fall day — October 1954, I think it was — wind started whipping around the farm like crazy, blowing over

when I thought I’d never see Suzie Q again, one day, out of the blue, I picked up the newspaper. Right there on the front page was a story about a girl a few towns over who won first prize at the county fair for a blue egg! The paper said she’d found her prize egg-layer in the hurricane, so they called their blue-legged, black-tailed chicken Annabelle. “I knew Annabelle had to be my Suzie Q. I could tell by her crooked beak. Not to mention she got herself a first-prize blue ribbon for laying the

chimney. Stink was practically jumping out of his skin. “Dad! Where were you?” Dad just smiled. “Let Mom tell it.” Mom went on. “I was sure the whole barn was going to blow down like a house of cards. I mean everything else had gone kaplooey, right? That’s when, above the howling wind, I heard a siren. It grew closer. And closer. Finally, a fire engine came screaming up the drive. My heart jumped into my throat. I was sure they were coming to tell us that something bad had happened to Dad and

Grandpa Jack.” The room got quiet, except for the spitting fire. “From a loudspeaker on the fire truck came a voice like Darth Vader. The voice said, ‘Kate Edison. Will you marry me?’” Mom’s eyes teared up. “I raced out into the pouring rain in my Annie Oakley costume. There was your father, leaning off the fire engine, wearing a giant yellow slicker, a Little Mermaid life preserver, and a funny grin.” “You had to mention the life preserver, didn’t you?” Dad said, chuckling. “I burst out

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