The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money

The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0394859170

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

To earn coins for the Astro Bear video game, Brother and Sister Bear find ways to work for money. How they find the middle ground between being spendthrifts and little misers makes for a funny, realistic story.

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can be your ‘nest egg.’ ” “Oh, dear!” cried the cubs together. “Another figure of speech!” “And a very appropriate one,” said Mama. She explained that the “nest egg” is the one the farmer leaves in the nest to hatch another chick. “When you put money in the bank, it ‘hatches’ interest.” “Interest?” asked the cubs, puzzled. “The bank will pay you for leaving your money there. That’s called ‘interest.’ ” That day the Bear family went to the bank and opened an account for the cubs. It

Country. They knew where the most beautiful wild flowers grew. They knew where the wild berries were the thickest and juiciest. They knew the best spot for watching sunrises… and sunsets. They knew where all the best honey trees were. They even knew a very special place where you could almost always see a rainbow—from a secret space behind the waterfall. But there were some things they didn’t know very much about. One of the things Brother and Sister Bear didn’t

That was when they saw the new video game. It was called Astro Bear and it looked very exciting. “A video game! At the mall!” Papa shouted. “You must think I’m made of money!” The cubs thought no such thing, and when they pictured it, it seemed very strange. Mama could see that they were puzzled and she explained: “ ‘Made of money’ is just a figure of speech, my dears.” That’s when the cubs realized that the situation was serious. Because Papa Bear only used figures of speech when he

was upset. “You must think money grows on trees!” he shouted. Another figure of speech. “Video games, indeed!” he continued, becoming more and more upset. “There was no such thing as video games when I was a cub! Why, I didn’t know what money was until I was almost grown!” “Precisely, my dear,” interrupted Mama. “And that’s why this might be a very good time to start Brother and Sister on a regular allowance, so they can—” “Absolutely not!” roared Papa, knocking over a chair. “They must

and sold them by the side of the road. Business was very good. They gathered those fat, juicy wild berries and sold them door-to-door. Business was very, very good. Brother and Sister were turning out to be even better at making money than they had been at spending it. They organized guided tours of Bear Country’s finest beauty spots. Sister’s piggy bank was jammed full. They started a very successful pet-minding service. Brother had to borrow Mama’s sugar bowl to

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