The Berenstain Bears and the In-Crowd

The Berenstain Bears and the In-Crowd

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 039483013X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Queenie McBear, the bossy new she-cub in town, tries to take over by putting other cubs down. But she's in for a lesson when Sister Bear decides not to give in to Queenie's peer pressure tactics.

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Copyright © 1989 by Berenstain Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. Published in the United States by Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House, Inc., New York. Random House and the colophon are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc. First Time Books and the colophon are registered trademarks of Berenstain Enterprises, Inc. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Berenstain, Stan. The Berenstain bears and the

in-crowd. (A First time book) Summary: A rich new cub named Queenie McBear teases Sister Bear and steals her Double-Dutch partners away before the big tournament. ISBN 978-0-394-83013-1 (pbk.) — ISBN: 978-0-449-81265-5 (ebook) [1. Conduct of life—Fiction. 2. Rope skipping—Fiction. 3. Bears—Fiction.] I. Berenstain, Jan. II. Title. III. Series: Berenstain, Stan. First time books. PZ7.B4483Bejl 1989 [E] 88-32095 v3.1 Title Page Copyright First Page It was early summer in Bear

and Lizzy,” she said glumly. “What did she make fun of?” asked Mama. “My name, my clothes, my hair bow…me!” said Sister. “Oh dear,” said Mama. “That wasn’t very nice, not very nice at all—maybe she was just trying to make an impression.” “Well, she certainly made an impression on me,” said Sister. “A bad impression.” Of course, Mama had been a cub once and she knew about in-crowds and cubs like Queenie who tried to build themselves up by putting other cubs down. But she also knew that it

out riding his big two-wheeler, because that was her idea: to borrow his bike, go back, and ride circles around that Queenie McBear. She managed to get on Brother’s bike by standing on a step—and she almost got it going. But her legs were a little too short, and after a few wobbly circles she crashed—ker-whomp! “Oh dear!” said Mama, who had just returned from a quick shopping trip to the mall and was watching from one of the tree-house windows. She had a pretty good idea that Sister’s

everything! Come on! Let’s go sign up!” Sister Bear didn’t even answer. She was so upset that she just turned and went home. She was usually so cheerful after a session at the playground that it didn’t take long for Mama Bear to figure out that something must have gone wrong. Papa and Brother Bear noticed too. After supper, the whole story of Queenie came out—her bike, her sharp clothes, and how she’d made fun of Sister and then treated everybody to soft ice cream. “Everybody except me

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