The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones (Big Chapter Books(TM))

The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones (Big Chapter Books(TM))

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0679889450

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's a mystery in Bear Country, and Actual Factual is just the bear to solve it. Dr. Zoltan Bearish plays nemesis to Actual Factual and the cubs in this Bear Country hugger-mugger, involving faked fossils, phony discoveries and a scandal that threatens to dash the reputation of estimable Professor Actual Factual before it's all through.

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don’t look half bad.” “That’s enough, you big oaf!” snapped Queenie. “You can flirt with me all you like, but how dare you flirt with my mother!” She stuck her nose in the air and stalked off. Too-Tall looked puzzled. “Hey, what gives, Queen? Your mother ain’t even here!” He looked at his gang. “What was I supposed to say? That her mother’s ugly?” “No, boss,” said Vinnie. “Of course not,” said Smirk. “She’s just a fickle girl,” added Skuzz. “Skuzz, dear,” said Bonnie Brown, “a guy who can’t

be a great swimming coach,” said Gramps. “Gee, I don’t know about that,” said Sister. “Why not?” asked Mama. “What’s wrong with Mr. Grizzmeyer?” “I just can’t get used to the idea of Mr. G in a bathing suit,” said Sister. “He’s not exactly the male model type.” “That’s because he’s not a male model,” said Papa. “He’s a vice principal and a coach. Heck, if that’s your only complaint, I’d say things look pretty rosy.” “Well, there is one other thing …,” said Sister. “What’s that?” said Papa.

do this to me, he thought as he fought Dr. Bearish’s gaze for control over his own mind. Ralph Ripoff swindles only those bears he wants to swindle! That’s when Zoltan Bearish lost the battle for Ralph’s mind. But, oddly enough, that didn’t make Ralph refuse to take part in the doctor’s evil scheme. You see, most bears, like most humans, have a strong urge to do the selfish thing. And, as you can probably tell from his whole career, Ralph had never had much success resisting that urge. What’s

agree to drive them out there if they told him the truth about their investigation. After all, if there was something fishy about the new fossils, it wasn’t just a Bear Detective problem. It was a Bear Country problem. Ferdy insisted they go the very next day, which was Saturday. There was no telling, he said, where the investigation would lead or how long it would take. Actual Factual and Ralph had already made plans to sign the bill of sale in the rotunda at the Bearsonian the following

professor-who-shall-remain-nameless has long sought a particular fossil skeleton to complete his collection in the Bearsonian Hall of Dinosaurs.” “You mean a T-rex skeleton?” said Ralph. “Sure, everyone in Beartown knows that. He even built that special room to put it in when he finds one.” “The rotunda,” said Bearish. Ralph had never heard the word before but thought it was a perfect one for the big circular room with the high domed ceiling that Actual Factual had built. “After five long

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