Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Evil Eye (Berenstain Bear Scouts)

Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Evil Eye (Berenstain Bear Scouts)

Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0590944886

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The evil Weasel McGreed has a plan to do away with those pesky Bear Scouts. He'll hypnotize Bigpaw into thinking the scouts are mosquitoes, ready for swatting! An Early Chapter Book.

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to start. Well, what do you think? Will you do it?” The scouts huddled for a moment. Then Brother, who often spoke for the scouts, said, Chapter 4 The Flag Is Up Ralph had just been putting on a show for the scouts. All that strutting and cane twirling had been a front. As soon as the scouts headed back to the library, the spring went out of his step and the twirl went out of his cane. Even the forest animals knew Ralph wasn’t himself as he shuffled along the path to the river. It wasn’t

his cave. But, about halfway through the job, he began to sing. So they sure could hear him. And since they couldn’t get the work done with their fingers in their ears, they had to listen. “Bigpaw has a great voice, but not for singing,” said Brother with a grin. His fellow scouts agreed. Meanwhile, inside the mountain, Ralph and McGreed were still climbing. “Are you sure this is going to work?” snarled McGreed. “Because if it isn’t . . .” “Please, chief, be reasonable,” said Ralph. “There’s

here?” said Ralph. “Why we come see Bigpaw? Surely you jest. We’ve come to hear Bigpaw sing, of course.” Bigpaw thought about that for a moment. “Bigpaw love to sing,” he said. “Certainly you love to sing. Why wouldn’t you love to sing with such a thrilling, wonderful voice as yours?” “Bigpaw love to sing,” repeated the big fellow. “And why else would I have brought the great Dr. McGreed with me?” said Ralph. “Bigpaw not sick,” said the giant. “Not that sort of doctor, my good fellow,” said

lots of stairways in Grizzly Mansion. Each stairway had wooden steps that sometimes needed repair and also finely carved banisters that had to be cleaned and refinished from time to time. Papa had even replaced damaged banisters on several of the stairways. But an even bigger job than Grizzly Mansion’s woodwork was its furniture. Lady Grizzly was a collector of fine old furniture. Every room of the mansion was filled with priceless antiques she had bought over the years. Each time she bought

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