The Awesome, Almost 100% True Adventures of Matt & Craz

The Awesome, Almost 100% True Adventures of Matt & Craz

Alan Silberberg

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1416994335

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A magical pen causes creative chaos in this quirky, comic-style story from the Sid Fleischman Award–winning author of Milo.

Best friends Matt and Larry “Craz” Crazinski couldn’t be more different. Matt loves order, while Craz lives on the edge. The boys share a passion for cartooning, but thanks to the school paper gatekeeper (and kind-of bully), Skip Turkle, it seems their cartoons will never be published.

But then the boys discover a pen that promises to help them DRAW BETTER NOW!—and quickly realize it’s no ordinary pen: Whatever they draw comes to life!

They start small with their drawings—bags of cash, cool gadgets. Next, they get their pesky English teacher to take a unique and extended vacation. But when the boys get a little bolder in their magical drawings, they realize that things don’t always end up as perfect as the art they create...

In this funny, slightly zany, and ultimately heartwarming story, Sid Fleischman Award–winner Alan Silberberg demonstrates the power of friendship—and that the best life is not always sketched out in advance.

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finally made all the correct settings on the copier, when he heard the warning signal, and he froze in place. He had to make a choice—copy the cartoon and risk getting caught, or quickly hide. Though he was seconds away from success, he decided to play it safe and slid behind the ratty couch by the window, leaving the cartoon still under the lid of the copy machine. Mrs. Bentz opened the teachers’ lounge door with an armload of posters, which she easily dropped into the recycle

dollar bills. “Do these look like fake bucks to you?” Matt had to admit the facts: The money looked real, and only an idiot would give away a bag full of real money as a practical joke. Besides, Craz’s logic might have been weird, but it did sort of make sense. Matt had used the new pen to draw a cartoon where money was in his locker. Could that really be the answer? “Two ice cream sodas,” Hank said as he placed the tall glasses on the already crowded table. “And I’m still

Hank’s stained apron. “Go buy yourself something nice. Now scram!” Hank looked at the crumpled bills, shook his head, and walked back toward the kitchen. “Listen, Craz,” Matt said, “maybe you want to go easy on that cash.” “I don’t see why,” Craz said as he started to fold a dollar bill into a small paper airplane. “If we run out, all you have to do is draw more.” Craz flashed a goofy grin at Matt and then sailed the dollar airplane off across the diner. It landed right in

Lantern door open and leaped into the room. Surprised, all four aliens immediately turned toward him. The stench of alien BO hit him hard. “Whoa. Someone needs to hit the showers,” Craz said with a pinched nose. “And, Gary, way to rock that creepy eye-twitch thing.” The giant cockroach alien bared his pointy teeth and hissed, ready to pounce. But Marcia held up a hand to keep Gary in line. Then her eyes narrowed as she raised her scepter and aimed it at Craz. SPLOOSH! A

consequences!” Consequences. That was a good one, thought Matt, knowing how much everything affects everything else. Sometimes one small doodle can send your entire world spinning crazily out of control. “Yes!” Matt spotted the “Cartoon Kings” comic. He grabbed it and turned to his teacher. “Arghhh, you make a fine pirate, Mrs. B!” She blushed and began to thank Matt for the compliment, but he was already gone. This time Matt didn’t care who saw him inside the teachers’

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