The Assassination: Death of a President

The Assassination: Death of a President

Time-Life Books

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 2:00269535

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Time-Life Civil War Series 26 of 27

Tells the stories of Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, and Sirhan Sirhan, and looks at the assassination attempts on United States presidents, the Pope, Huey Long, Leon Trotsky, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Gandhi, and Indira Gandhi

The Smoke at Dawn














ir- resistible allure for the Northern audiences, while John Wilkes honed his talent in the South. John "want- rivalry: Edwin played mainly to be loved of the Southern people above The brothers also developed contrasting acting styles. Edwin, encouraged by his Mary Devlin, adopted a cere- bral, understated approach that proved actress-wife, perfect for his brooding portrayal of Ham- John Wilkes compensated for a lack of training and nuance with personal magnetism and raw energy.

certain is that Booth would comprehend the significance of Lincoln's address. Some Southernnot or could not ers own forces. The idea of holding President Lincoln as a hostage until the Confederates were released no longer seemed to make intended quarry. What seems way to City Point, Virginia, where they would be turned over to their already on their and Confederate sympathizers did under- stand that, amazingly, their archenemy — sense — The less if it ever had. idea of

conciliatory, 55 A Kidnapping Aborted carefully reasoned treatise that dwelled lengthily on the readmittance Louisiana — where a to the Union of Reconstruction gov- ernment had already been installed. One passage, however, commanded attention. Addressing himself to the question of make." Then John Wilkes Booth and Lewis Paine pushed their way through the crowd and out into the night. — These were bold words and, it would have seemed, empty ones. Booth's grandiose plots were in

urged the President to stop attending the theater. now suggested that if Grant were to turn down Lincoln's invitation, the President <-.. yffi&pjMffi He gi would perhaps be disappointed enough to stay home where he belonged. Circulating as he did in Washington's downtown bars and hotels, John Wilkes Booth was of course among the thousands who had heard of Grant's arrival. The news set his mind to racing with a sort of crazed 57 58 Blacks with hands outstretched welcome "Father Abraham"

Wilkes struck him another blow. Edwin expressed his anguish in an open the talking, agreed to help get the fugitives letter (below), across the river and find shelter for them. him back The ferry came in about noon, and all vowing never to perform again. When debt drove to the stage in less than a year, his public rejoiced. five men made the 300-yard crossing to Port Royal, ac- claimed as the finest actor South," he and Booth would like to go with on the southern shore. To

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