The Alien Brainwash (Space Scout)

The Alien Brainwash (Space Scout)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1921690852

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"When Kip lands on a planet covered with giant flowers, it feels like the most boring place in the universe. But are these creepy weeds as innocent as they seem?"--P. [4] of cover.

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night would last. And they’d have to do it without waking the flowers. The night was so dark and rainy that Kip couldn’t see a thing. As quietly as possible, he rummaged in his backpack. He pulled a gadget from the very bottom. A brand new UV-Trak! The UV-Trak was a short, stubby wand with a UV light on the tip. The UV light picked up traces of a chemical called phosphorus. Every human had it in their body, and left traces of it behind. Kip flicked the UV-Trak on. Immediately, a purple light

fact, it’s kind of odd – so much pollen, but no insects…’ But Kip was concentrating hard on finding Zara. He ran on ahead, waving the UV-Trak back and forth. A faint purple trail appeared in the night air. Kip and Finbar rushed toward it. The trail blazed even brighter. Zara’s been here, Kip thought. And by the look of that trail, she’s close by! There was a large patch of bare, silvery sand just up ahead. Something about it looked wrong to Kip, and he stopped short. But before he could say

centuries ago. When snapped in half, it released powerful flashing lights. It also sprayed white smoke and pumped old-fashioned disco music. The Disco Disc was supposed to help Space Scouts break the ice with stand-offish aliens on new planets. When WorldCorp had tested it on humans, they found that it was impossible to resist the urge to dance to the Disco Disc. If Zara was completely with it, she’d have to dance. The only problem with the plan was that it might wake up the flowers. But Kip

last time. And he hasn’t had all the special Space Scout anti-hypnosis training I’ve had. Still, Kip knew even he couldn’t resist the flowers forever. He had to stay awake – and make sure Finbar did too. When did I last feel super-awake? he asked himself. It was during Space Scout training. Those vertical wall sprints and rocketboot- assisted high jumps had been tough. I couldn’t have done it without EarTunes! EarTunes were songs played directly into the eardrum. All Space Scouts had

called Botanicus-1. All contact was suddenly lost when Zara entered Botanicus-1’s orbit, and she hasn’t been heard from since. WorldCorp believes Zara’s starship might have broken down. Even worse, foul play could be involved. Your mission: Go immediately to Botanicus-1 and find Zara. A WorldCorp HandlerBot is waiting for you on the roof of the Zoo. According to gossip, Zara was one of the top Space Scouts. It was an honour to be sent to rescue her. After all, Kip was only 12 years old –

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