The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Language: English

Pages: 100

ISBN: 1453713093

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An unadultered presentation of the rare 1883 Classic, Carlo Collodi's THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO. An invaluable literary asset for the prudent and wise.

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I said, 'Perhaps, but how?' and he said, 'Get on my back. I'll take you there.' We flew all night long, and next morning the fishermen were looking toward the sea, crying, 'There is a poor little man drowning,' and I knew it was you, because my heart told me so and I waved to you from the shore—" "I knew you also," put in Geppetto, "and I wanted to go to you; but how could I? The sea was rough and the whitecaps overturned the boat. Then a Terrible Shark came up out of the sea and, as soon as he

they be then? The tongue was so wide and so long that it looked like a country road. The two fugitives were just about to dive into the sea when the Shark sneezed very suddenly and, as he sneezed, he gave Pinocchio and Geppetto such a jolt that they found themselves thrown on their backs and dashed once more and very unceremoniously into the stomach of the monster. To make matters worse, the candle went out and father and son were left in the dark. "And now?" asked Pinocchio with a serious

clothes do not make the man unless they be neat and clean." "Very true," answered Pinocchio, "but, in order to go to school, I still need something very important." "What is it?" "An A-B-C book." "To be sure! But how shall we get it?" "That's easy. We'll go to a bookstore and buy it." "And the money?" "I have none." "Neither have I," said the old man sadly. Pinocchio, although a happy boy always, became sad and downcast at these words. When poverty shows itself, even mischievous boys

leap, he was on the orchestra leader's head. With a third, he landed on the stage. It is impossible to describe the shrieks of joy, the warm embraces, the knocks, and the friendly greetings with which that strange company of dramatic actors and actresses received Pinocchio. It was a heart-rending spectacle, but the audience, seeing that the play had stopped, became angry and began to yell: "The play, the play, we want the play!" The yelling was of no use, for the Marionettes, instead of going

black beard, he gave Fire Eater a loving kiss on the tip of his nose. "Has pardon been granted to me?" asked poor Harlequin with a voice that was hardly a breath. "Pardon is yours!" answered Fire Eater; and sighing and wagging his head, he added: "Well, tonight I shall have to eat my lamb only half cooked, but beware the next time, Marionettes." At the news that pardon had been given, the Marionettes ran to the stage and, turning on all the lights, they danced and sang till dawn. Chapter

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