Sword Art Online 7: Mother's Rosario

Sword Art Online 7: Mother's Rosario

Reki Kawahara

Language: English

Pages: 277

ISBN: 4048704311

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


『マザーズ・ロザリオ』 編、登場!

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out of a block of rock, an orange light shining over it. Like a sole campfire burning on a frigid night, it had a calming effect. A purple and light blue trail stretched out from Yuuki and Asuna in the darkness as they flew and slowly landed in the circular plaza in the center of the town. The quiet BGM signifying that they’ve entered the city drifted into her ears, and a bit of the pot roast’s fragrance tickled her nose — while Asuna was thinking about that, she landed on the stone floor with

group that easily— However, «Absolute Sword» Yuuki’s strength is over the top. If the other five were at a similar level and they displayed it, it might be possible. “Indeed... This floor’s mapping is already close to the boss room, I don’t know if it’d work if you suddenly asked to join the boss fight. But even if it isn’t possible this time, if you join at the beginning of the next floor, with your strength, you may be able to join the boss room’s raid group... The maximum number of people in a

grade of their weapons were rather high. She wasn’t familiar with them, but she recognized the guild emblem displayed beside the pointer. A horse next to a shield. This was the emblem of the large, well-known guild that continuously cleared the dungeons past the 23rd floor. In dungeons, it’s inappropriate to hide when there were obviously no monsters around. Common sense dictates that this was meant for PKing. Asuna raised her staff once again in order to guard against ranged attacks, and to her

with the enemy healers then.” It’s been a few minutes since the battle started, and the sounds from behind started to become more and more intense. This should be the result of Kirito and Klein charging into the enemy’s group to prevent magic attacks. However, they didn’t have any healers, and couldn’t heal all sorts of unexpected damage. Kirito said that he could hang on for 3 minutes, but it would be best if they could break through the enemy within 2 minutes to repay their sacrifice. It would

Setagaya and down the East express line. The building was new, bathed under the low sunlight of winter. The wall was dyed brown. It’s really like the place I slept in for a long time, Asuna thought, as she put the note back into her pocket. “Are you here, Yuuki…?” She whispered. She wanted to meet her, but she felt that, on the other hand, it’s best if the girl wasn’t staying here. After wandering around for a while, Asuna pulled the collar of her coat that was tightly clinging to her uniform,

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