Swallows and Amazons

Swallows and Amazons

Arthur Ransome

Language: English

Pages: 214

ISBN: 1567924204

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ultimate children's classic - long summer days filled with adventure.

John, Susan, Titty and Roger sail their boat, Swallow, to a deserted island for a summer camping trip. Exploring and playing sailors is an adventure in itself but the island holds more excitement in store. Two fierce Amazon pirates, Nancy and Peggy, challenge them to war and a summer of battles and alliances ensues.

'My childhood simply would not have been the same without this book. It created a whole world to explore, one that lasted long in the imagination after the final page had been read' - Marcus Sedgwick

(Originally published in 1930)

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coming home from sea with a parrot. Goodbye, Amazons.” “Goodbye, goodbye,” called Nancy and Peggy. “You will promise to come again next year?” “We’ll come,” said Mother. * After they were gone the Swallows and Amazons looked at each other. They were rather glum. “It’s the natives,” said Nancy. “Too many of them. They turn everything into a picnic.” “Mother doesn’t,” said Titty. “Nor does ours when she’s alone,” said Nancy. “And Captain Flint’s not a bit like a native when he’s by

hung down on both sides of the rope like a sheet put to dry. The next thing to do was to fill its pockets with stones. As soon as there were a few stones in the pockets that were at the bottom of each side of the tent, it was easy to keep the walls apart. But to make sure that the tent was firmly set up they carried a great many stones from the beach, besides the stones they picked up under the trees, so that all round the two sides and back of the tent there was a row of stones in the pockets

move a house. They could not stir it a quarter of an inch. “Let’s get it open,” said Roger. It was heavily bound with big black angle irons. The able-seaman banged at them with the hammer. There were strange double clasps that met each other, and locked, and were as strong as the iron bindings. Titty and Roger banged away at them, but they might as well have been two flies trying to break into a steel safe. CHAPTER XXIX TWO SORTS OF FISH “THERE’S NOTHING FOR it,” said the able-seaman.

out from the very top of the mast, or else he can ride on a hill pony.” At last Captain Flint said, “I must be getting back. Your camp fire is very jolly, but isn’t it about time some of you people went to bed?” “Won’t you be lonely without the parrot?” said Titty. “I must think of him too,” said Captain Flint. “He’s a young parrot and I’m a dull companion for him. He’s in better hands now.” He got up to go down to his boat. “By the way,” he said, “are all your tents pretty strong? It looks

of eight,” said the parrot, and then, perhaps thinking of palm trees again, gave a long, wild shriek. “Would you like me to put your cloth over you?” said Titty. “What time is it, John?” called Susan. “Four bells of the middle watch,” said Captain John, who had looked at the chronometer with his pocket torch and had just put it into ship’s time for himself. “What is it in real time?” asked Peggy. “Two o’clock in the morning,” said Captain John. After all, there were some things these Amazons

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