Super Giant Monster Time! (Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest #3)

Super Giant Monster Time! (Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest #3)

Jeff Burk

Language: English

Pages: 188

ISBN: 1933929960

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Will you escape the giant monsters that are rampaging the fuck out of your city? Aliens are invading the Earth and their ray guns turn people into violent punk rockers. At the same time, the city is being overtaken by giant monsters tougher than Godzilla and Mothra combined. You can choose to be a lone scientist trapped in a secret government lab on a remote island swarming with monstrous killer insects, a badass punk rock chick with a green mohawk caught in a bar room brawl as the city goes up in flames around her, or a desk jockey forced to endure tedious office duties while his building is being attacked by a gargantuan centipede with claws the size of sports utility vehicles. Which character will you become? To become the scientist, turn to page 149. To become the punk chick, turn to page 11. To become the office drone, turn to page 77. But choose wisely! You might conquer a fleet of alien saucers with the help of a high-flying monster-slicing super cat or drown in a giant monster's pool of sperm as it butt-fucks your office building. What will happen next? That's up to you! When the story hits a fork in the road, you get to choose which path to take. The ending will always be different depending on your decisions. Not only that, you can read this book over and over again for a new experience every time!

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your plan. So as quickly and quietly as possible, you open the door, rush in, and shut it behind you. You turn around but instead of Supervisor Nelson, you are greeted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a head the size of a jumbo jet. The outer wall of the offi ce has been demolished and you stand on a ledge fi fty stories high. The beast eyes you as drool and fragments of wood and concrete fall from its open mouth. This is impossible. You know that dinosaurs aren’t real and that God planted fossils

struggle, John Smithe You sit back at your desk after everyone has received the notice. You look at the clock, 11:13. You stare intently at it until it changes to 11:14. You stand from your desk, get on top of your chair and leap up into the air. You fl ip backwards and do a spilt in 103 midair, all those years of gymnastics lessons your parents forced you to take are fi nally paying off. You stick the landing and hold your arms out. Everyone in the offi ce is staring at you. Oh shit, you

charge forward, past Nelson, and to the exit door. Nelson just watches in stunned silence as you rush by with your mob in close pursuit. You lead them down all fi fty fl oors of the stairwell, everyone screaming “Freedom!” in unison the whole way. The fresh air hits you hard. You can’t remember feeling anything so glorious. You stop and raise your fi sts in victory. Your dedicated followers scream and jump with joy around you. Then a giant fl ying squid lands on you, squishing you and your

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esh. Once you have had your fi ll, you curl up in one of its eye sockets (now minus an eye, thanks to your desecration) and quickly fall asleep. You fl ick your tail as you dream of what you will do to the hairless apes with these new powers. You are no longer Mr. McWhiskers, you are now Mr. McWhiskers – the Super-Cat! THE END 24 You travel ten blocks and gather another hundred soldiers before you encounter another spaceman. At your direction the punks leap upon him and tear him limb

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