Sunrise Alley

Sunrise Alley

Catherine Asaro

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1416520791

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

She was running from a ruthless criminal accompanied by someone more than human...When the shipwrecked stranger washed up, nearly drowned, on the beach near research scientist Samantha Brytons home, she was unaware that he was something more than human: an experiment conducted by Charon, a notorious criminal and practitioner of illegal robotics and android research. The man said his name was Turner Pascalbut Pascal was dead, killed in a car wreck. Then she found that Charon was experimenting with copying the minds of humans into android brains, implanted in human bodies to escape detection, planning to make his own army of slaves that will follow his orders without question. Samantha and Turner quickly found themselves on the run across the country, pursued by the most ruthless criminal of the twenty-first century. In desperation, Samantha decided to seek help from Sunrise Alley, an underground organization of AIs that had gone rogue. But these cybernetic outlaws were rumored to have their own hidden agenda, not necessarily congruent with humanitys welfare, and Samantha feared that her only hope would prove forlorn...

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production of biomech and neural implants for humans was so damnably huge, BioII was rushing the work. Sam couldn't live with putting people at risk that way. The third time she had lost her fight to implement better safety controls on testing the implants, she had resigned. It had caused a commotion Sam never intended. She was BioII's highest paid EI architect, the team leader who had patented their most profitable neural matrices. When she left on a matter of principle, the proverbial heads

air vehicle." It had to be an alteration to the orginial spacecraft. Usually Needles just ran micro-gravity experiments. Circles appeared on the schematic. As they spread out from the Needle, the blood drained from Sam's face. Their pursuer had just fired at them. G-forces shoved Sam into her seat as the Rex took evasive maneuvers. Spots danced in her vision. She could just make out new circles on the display, these moving from the Rex toward the Needle. Close behind, a cloud of flecks spread

up so tight, the former bellboy wouldn't even be able to breathe without monitors recording every move of his muscles. Turner was watching her face. After a pause that went on too long, he said, "Yes, Charon told me." He had the restrained quality she recognized now; he was tweaking the truth. He had probably picked up Charon's opinion from the copy in his matrix. That she could read Turner so well implied he was more human than machine; otherwise, he could have simulated less emotion, so he

so." Up ahead of them, Thomas turned back. Knowing he was afraid for her, Sam gave him her I'm fine expression. After a hard look at Hud, he turned forward again. The rumble overhead returned, surely an aircraft above the woods. This time Alpha stopped, her gun raised as she scanned the canopy of branches arching over them, much closer to the ground than the cathedral-like redwood forest at home. Thomas leaned against a tree, his arms folded. "Expecting company?" he asked Alpha. She tilted

and stretched out his legs. When she reached the opposite wall, she paced the other way. So she went, back and forth. It didn't help. Sam was a puzzle solver; she believed every problem had a solution. But if one existed here, she couldn't see the light. XX Parked and Gone The opening door woke Sam. She had been sitting next to it, intending to lunge for freedom the next time anyone entered. Groggy and half asleep, she jumped to her feet, but then someone shoved her against the wall.

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