Starhawk (A Priscilla Hutchins Novel)

Starhawk (A Priscilla Hutchins Novel)

Jack McDevitt

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0425260860

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Priscilla Hutchins has been through many experiences.
This is the story of her first unforgettable adventure…
Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchins has finally completed a nerve-bending qualification flight for her pilot’s license. But faster-than-light travel is still a new reality, and the World Space Authority is still learning how to manage long-range missions safely. To make matters worse, efforts to prepare two planets for colonization are killing off native life-forms, outraging people on Earth.
With low demand for space pilots, Priscilla finds a job on the bridge of an interstellar ship, working for the corporation that is responsible for the terraforming. Her work conditions include bomb threats, sabotage, clashes with her employers—and a mission to a world, adrift between the stars, that harbors a life-form unlike anything humanity has ever seen...

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thinking, Cal. We’re probably better off not having aliens in the area. Think where we’d be if there was a civilization nearby with technology a million years ahead of ours.” They finished their meals and ordered a couple of drinks. “You know,” he said, “not to change the subject or anything, but you’re absolutely gorgeous. Most beautiful woman on the station.” She smiled. “How many of the women up here have you been involved with?” He looked off to his right. “Well, there’s another

the sound of the water, and of the wind in the trees. * * * THE ACADEMY OFFICES were located inside the Volcker Building. She walked into a lobby. An AI greeted her and asked her business. “My name’s Hutchins,” she said. “I’d like to speak with someone about obtaining a position with the Academy Project.” “May I ask specifically which type of position you’re seeking, Ms. Hutchins?” “I’m an interstellar pilot.” “One moment, please. You may sit if you wish.” She settled onto a

MCGRUDER—Big Andy to his constituents—was appropriately named. He was about six-five, and, on Union, had probably shed 260 pounds. His black hair was turning gray around the temples and thinning on top. He wore khaki slacks and a white pullover sweater. Priscilla had seen him often enough on HV to know he was not the usual sort of politician, who would tell voters anything to keep them happy. He was capable of learning and had shown it by reversing himself on some issues, like the general-purpose

anybody. In the morning, she dragged herself out of bed, dressed, and packed. Then she called her mother. “Coming home, Mom,” she said. “When? What happened?” She sounded, and looked, alarmed. “Is something wrong?” “I’ll tell you about it when I get there.” “When will that be?” “Today,” she said. “Today? Priscilla, what’s going on?” “It’s just not working out, Mom. Listen, I’ll talk to you later, okay?” She went down to the lobby and checked out. “We’re sorry to

into a big smile as he came through the hatch, got up, and threw her arms around him. “Jake,” she said, “you have no idea how glad I am to see you again.” “Just like old times, huh?” “Umm—I wanted to thank you.” “For what?” “Well, Frank asked me not to say anything. But I know you put pressure on him to let me go along.” “My pleasure, Priscilla. I figured you were probably tired putting together payrolls.” “I don’t have much to do with payrolls.” “Well, making sure

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